HOLLYWOOD—When we last left off on the legal drama “Suits,” Mike Ross found a way to get himself out of that dicey situation to get the opportunity to become an actual lawyer. So all looks good at Pearson Spector and Litt, but things are about to change as season seven of the series kicked off with the episode, ‘Skin in the Game.’ Looks like Harvey is making the moves on his therapist, as he indulged in the newfound glory of holding the reigns at the firm.

Mike paid a visit to Nathan to formerly resign from the clinic, but hoped a check for $500,000 would put his guilt at ease. That is indeed that guy’s biggest flaw; he allows his feelings to get involved in things. Harvey was thrown by the fact that Donna wanted Harvey to make her partner at the firm. So much for Harvey being on cloud nine people because it only takes one day for everything to explode.

Louis is still Louis people, and it’s apparent that his fractured relationship with Tara is going to create a madman that the associates won’t be prepared for. He unleashed wholly hell, which alarmed Rachel to the core people. Yeah, I thought that scene with the associates laughing at Louis to be 100 percent real, but it later became apparent it was all in the guy’s head.

Mike and Harvey found themselves working with a long-term client looking to sell his business, but it seems he’s keeping things close to the shoulder. Donna learned from Rachel that Tara broke up with Louis and it could cause major rifts with the law firms. It’s amazing to see so much shifting going on at Pearson Specter and Litt. Rachel taking control of the associates that’s a game-changer people? Donna dropped the bomb on Louis that he needs to take time off to deal with his personal issues, and he decided to knock Donna a peg or two letting her know that her position at the firm is lower than everyone else.

Donna lashed out at Gretchen, asking for what is due to her. Well, Gretchen, I love this lady people, because she dishes a bit of truth unlike no other. It might hurt when you hear it, but it’s so true. Harvey and Mike maneuvered a situation to get a client the best possible deal for their liquor business, but pressure was getting to Harvey as Donna barked about taking her seriously as a partner.

Harvey’s date with his therapist turned more into a talking session versus romance people. Well, that was a terrible first date people. Louis continued to bark this time at Rachel, as Donna watched from a distance, and she got wanted she wanted: to be made partner by Harvey! The problems keep on coming for Harvey Specter, who had to call out his client who was selling his business which was about to fold. Yuppers, we finally get to the core of Harvey’s issues; he’s afraid that he will not be able to fill the shoes of Jessica Pearson.

Friends turned to enemies, as Harvey and Mike bickered about Harvey’s failed leadership, just as Mike had to grapple with his moral dilemma. Dare I say Mike is becoming a bit like Harvey people? That little talk with Mike helped Harvey make the decision that he should have made the entire time without hesitation. Now that is the Harvey Specter I know people. Donna raised a bit of hell when she informed Louis that he was no longer in charge of the associates per her new partnership with the firm. The battle was diffused when Harvey entered the ring and backed up his pal, and announced his candidacy as Managing Partner at the firm. Louis allowed his ego to take a backseat to acknowledge that it was best for Rachel to take the wheel to teach the new associates at the firm. The wise one speaks again, because Rachel was right, Louis needed closure from Tara in order to get back to his old shelf.

I must say I’m liking the constant shifts in the power dynamics at Pearson Specter and Litt. Those who have been with the firm since the beginning are moving on up, the only one I would question about that is Louis. Maybe that’s because he has to battle some personal demons first people. “Suits” season 7 looks like it’s going to be a good one people. New episodes air Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on USA.