HOLLYWOOD—So the “Big Brother” house is getting smaller by the minute, but for reasons I still cannot fathom no one has woken up to Paul’s antics or have they? As we all predicted Mark was evicted from the BB house by a vote of 4-2, but those 2 surprise votes from Alex and Jason against Matt totally shook the house and created plenty of chaos that was well needed. Paranoia ran rampant through the house and as a result, it is starting to cause people to play the game (FINALLY!).

I literally screamed at the screen seeing both Alex and Jason vote to evict Matt; I was under the impression that a potential blindside was in place to save Mark and send Matt packing. That would have been exciting, but it was Alex and Jason’s way of shaking the house dynamics and it really worked. Why? Paul was 100 percent out of the loop on those votes, which means some people are indeed capable of playing the game without Paul’s permission, at least we thought that, but it was later revealed not to be the case.

Kevin’s paranoia kicked into high gear, as he expected the house would point the finger at him, as he has recently become the house pariah courtesy of Paul and Alex. Jeez, those two characters irk my soul. If Alex could ever take a moment to actually think for HERSELF and not Paul, I could root for the girl. However, that does not seem likely. I seriously can’t believe after what seems like 6-7 weeks, we FINALLY get our second endurance comp of the season, and I really wouldn’t call it an endurance comp if everyone is down and out within the hour.

See, having a house mentality season just fosters bad gameplay on all fronts including competitions. In the end it was Alex and Jason duking it out to become the next HOH, something I don’t think Paul wanted at all. Why? He wanted Jason out last week, but he really wanted him out this week, so Paul is starting to lose a bit of grip on the house: I like that. Jason claimed his second HOH, which means we have to deal with Alex for another week, oh, yippee!

With Jason in power, it was no secret he would be targeting Matt and Raven, but for some reason those two expected Kevin to be the target. Are they not reading the house dynamics? Alex and Jason are close, but I would almost argue Jason has a hell of a bond with Kevin. Paul, Christmas and Josh tried to place a few bugs in Jason’s ear about Kevin, and while he heard them out, he was not willing to strike at his pal, well at least not yet.

With Maven finally being concerned about visiting the jury house, they should have amped up their gameplay and took an apple from the temptation tree. Why? Winning that second veto or cancelling out two eviction votes could absolutely alter the house dynamics. Jason placed Matt and Raven on the block, so if either won the veto and had either of those temptations, both could potentially stay in the house. Nope. Paul just has a grip on these people that is utterly frustrating as hell.

However, Paul’s masterplan fell on deaf ears again. Why? Jason won the POV. Man, I thought Alex was a comp threat, but Jason is proving to be the one to worry about and at this stage in the game. His wins are impressive and if he manages to get to the final two I can absolutely see him winning, especially if he is the culprit who gets Paul evicted from the house.

Watching Alex, Paul, Christmas and Josh literally throw Kevin under the bus in hopes of getting Jason to use the veto to save Raven and evict Kevin. Jason is well aware of what might transpire if Kevin goes up, and I think that is causing him to realize that Paul, Josh, Christmas and to some degree Alex, don’t have his best interest in play. Paul fought vehemently to get his way, but Jason for once stood his ground and left nominations the same, which delivered some DRAMA in the house! Matt showed signs of rage and emotion that viewers have yet to see from the houseguest, just as Raven resorted back to behavior she displayed when the house exploded on Jess and Cody after she decided to use the Halting Hex.

It was utter chaos, just as Josh, Paul and Christmas sat back and watched, however, if the HG were smart they’d realize these three are up to more than what meets the eye, but this house is full of idiots, just idiots. Paul is losing control though people, and it’s apparent he is starting to scramble a bit because Kevin and Jason are major thorns in his side, and will make his job of getting to the final 3 that much more difficult.

Which means a potential goat for Paul is leaving the BB house, making it that much tougher for him to claim that win. Why? Well, if he wins HOH he has to show his cards, Raven and Matt might start to spill the tea to the other houseguests about Paul’s antics realizing they were always the target, and Paul had a hand in their demise. That’s right Paul when you attempt to control the entire house; all it takes is one hiccup to make everything start crashing down.

Matt could be sent packing this week, but if the house was smart they’d take out Raven, which I think may transpire. She is starting to irritate many of the houseguests with her countless ailments. I mean where in the hell did the producers find this chick? My fingers crossed for a Kevin HOH win next week, which absolutely could alter the house in my opinion.

Why? I could see any combination of Paul, Christmas or Josh hitting the block and oh, what fun could that be, and after the horrid treatment Kevin received this week from Matt, Raven, Jason, Alex, Josh, Paul and Christmas, I am completely over these houseguests. Their bullying tactics have gone WAY TOO FAR, and I’m suspecting they are starting to realize that America is watching and not loving it. Jeez, this is BB15 all over again, and despicable to watch.

With less than a month away and eight people still remaining, the houseguests should be prepared for a second double eviction, because it is indeed coming, and I expect it for the live eviction on September 7. Paul being a vet should expect that right? Of course, not his season had only one DE, but we’ve seen countless BB seasons with two DE (season 6, 7 14, 16 and 17). I cannot wait to see Paul spiral out of control America, we can only hope, if not a few boos from the audience when everyone remaining exit except Kevin would be worth it.