HELLO AMERICA!—When viewing HBO’s recent series “Insecure,” it was a disappointing, sickening, frightening half hour experience! One expected, especially after all the years of stereotypical human garbage produced in Hollywood concerning Black people, it would be something fresh, even more humane. No matter how hard the creators tried to capture the humor associated with blacks, striving for social acceptance, it still was trapped in the old view of a people, acting, walking, and speaking like common ghetto socially limited people pretending to be what they are not. Unfortunately, the producers decided to take the “safe” path and painted a picture of a group of young blacks with very little to offer.

What makes the presentation of “Insecure” even more pathetic; it was written and created by two black people, ISSA RAE and LARRY WILMORE. They are obviously two younger people who don’t have the slightest idea about what black people in the entertainment industry have had to endure in being projected as normal human beings who deserve the respect and understanding as any other striving, ambitious American.

When painting images of supposedly smart, hip or ambitious young black women living in the heart of Los Angeles as basically very low class, oversexed, common spoken females who only hunger to please the male genitalia. It is the most insulting concept of a people who have fought so hard to sit in the front of a bus, considered for a position in a business or corporation or just basically respected on any decent important social level. The creators of “Insecure” captured every aspect of the old view of blacks which made everyone comfortable when possibly sitting in a theater watching a film or even on stage when suddenly watching a “Beulah” type character make an entrance.

It is obvious that so many black so-called artists are their own worst enemy. They play it safe; believing it might be easier if they give “Mr. Charlie” what he believes would be easier to market. Any story or any idea which might project dignity or go against what has been produced previously is usually put down or deemed not acceptable.

It was astounding when I was told by a producer housed in the WILLIAM MORRIS AGENCY in Beverly Hills, it was a lost cause to produce anything focusing on people of color because they don’t do well in the market place. He further indicated that not even Denzell Washington or Sam Jackson is powerful enough to save most theatrical projects! Of course, when I learned this guy was originally from the Deep South, it was no mystery why he believed as he did.

So, sadly, this is what we in 2017 are still facing as loyal American citizens; expected to pick up arms to protect our flag and country or even sing songs of loyalty to ideals representing the creative opportunity for all people born under the banner of Democracy. Even more devastating is the reality of many of our so-called successful black writers, actors, musicians, producers, directors believe the only way to survive in our industry is to play the game for acceptance.

Well, this is one actor, writer, author, composer, director and playwright definitely unafraid to raise his middle finger to make you aware of my human dignity and the obvious necessity for simple respect.  I only wish the creators of “Insecure” might have the same awareness and guts which might garner them a longer existence in the industry which demands power and determination.