HOLLYWOOD—This may have been one of the most frustrating weeks for me as a “Big Brother” fan. The alliance you root for, the actual underdogs, can’t seem to see the writing that is plastered on the wall even if you gave them an up close and personal look at things. Another eviction, another blindside, this time Rachel was sent packing, Bayleigh had her power app exposed to the entire house and the Hive was speechless yet again. I’m so over Bayleigh because she was in a perfect position, but she got power hungry, she talks too damn much and just never listens.

This vote left Rachel not only in tears, but showed that Angela can be downright cruel. That goodbye speech was awful and I am eagerly waiting for the moment that Angela gets a taste of her own medicine because I’m certain it’s going to happen. With that being said, Bayleigh snapped on Rockstar (who has been loyal to the group since the beginning), and Fessy, Scottie and Haleigh have no idea who flipped. Guys, no one from your alliance flipped, it was JC and Tyler! Get in a room and talk!

Level 6 is just running circles around these people and making the situation worse is the fact that Angela, yes, Angela of all people won the HOH in a tiebreaker, where Rockstar was so CLOSE to winning. Angela already had her mind on targeting Bayleigh, but she had more sinister moves in play, things we’ll talk about later that will not only tank her game, but cause her a pivotal jury vote in my opinion. While Level 6 celebrated, yet again, Angela decided to nominate Scottie and Rockstar, not surprised one bit America, but we have a twist in play. The Hacker Comp, and man is this a doozy. The winner, who remains anonymous if they choose (thank God this week our winner knew to keep their mouth shut, until they didn’t), could do the following: replace one of the nominees, choose a player to play in the veto and nullify a vote. That’s more powerful than the HOH America!

So what transpired? Haleigh, yes, Haleigh of all people won and NO ONE suspected it! I was ecstatic, because she made a move that NO ONE in that house was willing to make: she targeted Tyler! Oh, when I learned this I was on cloud nine. The mastermind was completely dumbfounded, speechless, hurt and cried a river with his pity party. What’s worse everyone in the house acted like it was a death or something? Sam with that stupid tear, ugh, this is the person we voted to get the first power app? I’m getting vibes of BB19 here, and I do not like it one single bit. All these people are blindly following Tyler and doing what he wants, not realizing only one person wins in the end. Advance your game not his.

More frustrating was the fact that nearly everyone on Haleigh’s team, wanted to save Tyler if they won the veto. I just can’t anymore. I knew Haleigh had the killer instinct, but now I simply have to root for her and Rockstar to make something happen, because I sense they are the only two who are willing to actually make a move and do something in the game. I mean 11 people are left in the game, and only 1 person, 1 sees how big of a threat Tyler is and took a shot at him to make it be known they are aware of his game.

Of course Tyler would ultimately be safe because Angela won the veto, by default (as Tyler and Scottie) didn’t want it, yeah crazy, especially when you’re on the block people, and any fan of the game would have immediately realized that trio was working together. So the plan to backdoor Bayleigh was in effect. Level 6 needs to understand now that jury has begun, how you play the game has to change. Being overly cruel or vicious could not only tank your game, but it could lead to you losing in the end. Angela and crew planned to deliver a wicked speech to Bayleigh before nominating her as a replacement. Here’s the problem with this: 1) It finally exposes Angela and Tyler as allies 2) It shows the other side that you are a major threat 3) You burn a jury vote by stabbing an ally who would have NEVER put you up.

Angela sees NONE of this, but I think she will come next week when a new HOH is crowned, and I don’t think it’ll be a member of Level 6 (fingers crossed)! I have to sense that The Hive will gain power, I am secretly dying for a Rockstar, Fessy or Haleigh HOH because I think Sam is long due for another opportunity to hit the block, not to mention, it’s time for Kaycee, JC and Angela to taste the block as well. Scottie is an enigma because I thought he was onto Tyler’s game, and perhaps he is and is just acting to a T to convince Tyler otherwise, but it seems he may want to be a ‘member’ of Level 6 just for protection, but we need a diary room to get confirmation of what Scottie is actually thinking. Rockstar had a tough week, but I sympathize with her because ever since Brett threw her under the bus, her game has been exposed of not being loyal, which is NOT the case at all. Here’s a