HOLLYWOOD—They are indeed a power duo and if the houseguests do not see how big of a threat they are, then I don’t know what to say. Jackson and Holly have been power players in the “Big Brother 21” house for the past three weeks. First, Jackson won a do or die ‘Slip n’ Slide’ HOH to prevent himself from becoming a target, sending Analyse over Christie to the jury house. Then Holly, won HOH sending Nick over Christie (again) to the jury house. Now, we got the true endurance comp, fans have been waiting for: the wall.

It was a spook-tacular themed challenge, where the last person standing would be victorious. I seriously thought this would be a battle between Nicole, Christie and Tommy. Not in a million years did I expect Jackson, yes, Jackson to be victorious in an endurance comp. This guy is a beast. He has won 2 HOHs, 3 POVs and the Field Trip competition. That is 6 wins people, and if you combine Holly’s wins, they have won a total of 8 competitions this season. If the house doesn’t see these two people as threats, I do not know what to say.

However, when it comes to strategy Jackson and Holly are not thinking clearly: why are your targeting Jessica over Christie? Yes, Jess has won a mental comp and come close to victory in other mental comps, but beyond that she is not a threat in the home stretch. Jackson does make a good point: Jessica will indeed target him, so it’s not a bad idea to nominate him. So Jessica and Christie are on the block. This is Christie’s fourth week in the row being nominated. She hasn’t reached record status, but if we’re talking about consecutive nominations she is up there.

With that being said, the POV would be vital. How so? If Christie, Jessica or Tommy won, then the chances of Cliff or Nicole touching the block increase! Why? Jackson for some reason refuses to target Tommy, and why Nicole and Cliff have not alerted Jackson and Holly that Tommy and Christie are after them, I have no idea. When the betrayal comes it will indeed be worth it America. Jessica felt left out again, but Jess, you’ve had allies and thrown them under the bus similar to what Nick did to try to hang out with the cool kids. So I feel sorry for you, but not that much.

So we get to our POV competition which is the Hide n’ Go Veto. Look, I like this comp, but at the same time, things are becoming too predictable. It’s ok to have classics, but we need to ensure the houseguests don’t know what is coming. I sense we have the knock-out competition for the upcoming HOH competition after this eviction, and I prefer not to have that considering we will only have six people left in the game. I hope the producers deliver a curveball, because I will indeed be livid if we have another luck comp.

So the house was a complete mess and Tommy won his second POV to save Christie of all people. Tommy knows Jackson doesn’t want Tommy to use the POV, but he did so anyway to save his bestie Christie from certain eviction. The houseguests are getting closer to realizing Tommy and Christie are not just a duo. This theory was completely on the cusp by Nicole who realized there is more going on with Tommy and Christie beyond them just being pals in the house. Why? Jackson and Holly see it, as do Nicole and Cliff.

This is the second time Tommy has saved Christie from possible eviction. The first time it came across a fluke, but now, the houseguests KNOW Tommy is going to be loyal to Christie to the end. His cards have been shown, so this changes a lot. Cliff was the renom and there is a chance that Cliff could be headed out the door on Thursday over Jessica. The vote for the third week comes down to Jackson and Holly. If Christie and Tommy can convince Holly to flip on Jackson (I don’t see it happening, but it’s possible), Cliff could be going to jury. Jessica realizing her life was in danger started to cozy up to Nicole, but too little too late Jess. She was loyal to you to a fault, but you there here to the curb as soon as you could when Kat was evicted. So her loyalty lays with Cliff and rightfully so.

So Jessica looks like she is heading to jury and will be reunited with Kat, but she will not be alone for long because the long-awaited double eviction is Thursday. Yup, the double eviction has been later in the last two seasons, and I like it because the houseguests don’t expect it. At the moment, the houseguests don’t expect a double eviction, so boy will they be in for a surprise come Thursday. I’m rooting, and I mean rooting for a Nicole HOH because I want to see her take a shot at Tommy and Christie, but at the same time I would love to see Christie win to take a shot at Jackson or Holly.

The way I see it one of Tommy, Christie, Jackson and Holly will be heading to the jury house before the night culminates and we will be left with our final five. Which raises a vital question? There will still be five people in the house with close to three weeks left in the game. So do we have a reset coming up or a jury buyback, or is the notion of the fast-work eviction being scrapped this season?

I have to assume the later because the viewers will be left we three houseguests with more than a week left in the game and I just don’t see that happening, but who knows, the producers might want to change the dynamics of the game.