HOLLYWOOD—We have been waiting all summer for the biggest night in “Big Brother” history since BB4: Double Eviction. We have seen many dastardly double evictions, only a few come to mind as being memorable: BB6, BB10, BB13 and BB15 (the second one). However, you can now add “Big Brother 21” to the mix. It was a night of utter chaos, a few first and some fantastic TV. For starters, it was a battle between Cliff and Jessica, who found themselves about to walk out the door on eviction night.

The houseguests were rattled when news of the double eviction was announced by Julie, especially Jackson (did you see the look on his face)? He was worried his time was coming, and to be honest I was hoping so to. Jessica was evicted by a vote of 4-0, and then we get our HOH, a physical/mental comp involving a hockey stick and a puzzle. Any of Tommy, Christie or Nicole winning would have been great. I was hoping Tommy or Christie, so they could blindside Holly and Jackson. I mean I like good TV America, can you blame me?

However, this puzzle was a close battle, between Nicole and Tommy. Nicole finished her puzzle first and totally missed her first shot at the goal. Tommy was right on her tail, but before he could get that shot, Nicole launched that ball into the goal and celebrated her first HOH. I was screaming at the TV because I was so happy for Nicole to finally win something, and she was overjoyed with tears. So was Jackson, who knew he was safe.

Nicole pulled the trigger finally placing Tommy on the block alongside Christie. Ok, it’s time for the veto and I’m thinking it has to be physical right? Nope, it’s mental and it’s a BB staple, ‘What the Bleep?’ Yeah, I was surprised because this has been the final four HOH competition for the past few seasons. This was a nail-biter, as it was a close battle between Cliff, Nicole and Christie.

I was secretly hoping Christie would win, because Tommy would remain on the block, Christie would be safe, and Holly or Jackson could be the renom and possibly go home. However, Cliff won the POV with a perfect score, and Christie would have tied him if she didn’t change her answer last minute. Cliff did not use the POV and Tommy looked worried, but it was Christie who was Jackson and Holly’s target. Nicole should have placed her foot down and made it clear she wanted Tommy out.

However, by a vote of 3-0 Christie was sent to the jury house. This next HOH would be grand, because I wanted anyone to win except for Holly and Jackson, but guess who won. It was JACKSON! Jeez, this guy has now won 3 HOHS and 3 POVs. He gets to the end, I can see him winning. The competition was hosted by BB20 royalty Swaggy and Bayleigh. Look we don’t need a host for every competition. Jackson nominated Cliff and Tommy, with Tommy as the target. Here’s the problem for Cliff and Nicole, if Tommy wins veto one of them is headed home.

I am glad Jackson didn’t think and left Nicole off the block because if anyone could win BB Comics, it would be Nicole. Are you ready? Nicole won her second competition, winning a vital POV to keep herself and Cliff safe and sending the house into chaos. How so? She saved Cliff meaning Holly would finally hit the block, against Tommy of all people. This changes everything. Why? Some of the comics were fun, some not so much.

Nicole and Cliff should want to sever Jackson and Holly, but by doing so they make an enemy out of Jackson, and Tommy can’t be fully trusted. You have that lingering feeling he would immediately team up with Jackson to take out Cliff or Nicole as they would be the only remaining pair at that point in the game. Holly was in panic mode realizing she would finally touch the block after more than 80 plus days in the house. It’s long overdue, and there is a chance come Thursday that Holly is sent packing instead of Tommy.

Tommy is indeed getting the underdog edit, but considering he was in so much power at the start of the game, I like seeing him have to fight to survive. This proves a good player over a great player because it shows a person’s strategic chops. Nicole wants Tommy to stay so he can go after Jackson, while Cliff wants to keep Holly as he knows she is easier to defeat compared to Tommy, who still sees Cliff as a major jury threat.

At first I was going to say not a chance for Holly to be evicted, but the constant bickering and fighting with Holly and Jackson, to break up the lovers. I mean Jackson might give Nicole and Cliff his blessing to send Holly packing. That’s a mistake for Jackson, because he can easily defeat Holly if they make it to the final two. However, Tommy changed it all by revealing to Jackson and Holly that he knew Christie before entering the house. Tommy what the hell are you doing?! You don’t reveal those details because now Holly and Jackson can use that against you. Holly is sensing she might be in trouble and she is America. Tommy is now planning to share these details to Nicole and Cliff. He should have done that ASAP.

If anything he should have kept this information. You never disclose such information unless you absolutely have to and guess what there was no reason to do so! Does Tommy have plenty of pals in the jury? Absolutely, so this could change Nicole and Cliff’s decision to keep Tommy and perhaps send him packing instead of Holly. This jury is predictable because we don’t know what many of them are thinking, so I’m expecting a jury segment on Thursday which will help clear things up more.