HOLLYWOOD─I cannot believe it people. I have been a fan of “Big Brother” since it first premiered in 2000. After weeks of major speculation I can finally say, “Big Brother 22” will be all-stars. Yes, what fans have been clamoring for since the first go around back in 2006! Yes it has been 14 years, 14 long years since fans were treated to seeing some of the best of the best play the game again. That season ranks in my top 3 of BB seasons of all time. Why? We had showmances, but this was a season that was really about gameplay and strategy people.

With that said, I can officially say after seeing the promo air on TV and all the information leaking via the internet we have a potential cast in play. SPOILER ALERT: this is not a confirmed cast, but speculation based on what has been circulating around the internet. I mean how can we call it “BB: All-Stars” when we’re missing people like Dr. Will Kirby, Derrick Levasseur and Dan Gheesling. Look, I never expected to see Will play again, he did it twice and better than anyone I’ve seen play twice at this point. He won his first time around, and was a veto away from making it happen twice in a season where he never won a single competition people.

Derrick needs to play again because his season was lackluster and he never faced adversity in my opinion and when it comes to Dan, he should have won BB14 without a doubt, the guy was robbed and played a fantastic game. So with those 3 out, the question everyone wants to know: who is in? Well the speculation is pretty high that the player who made me love BB, Janelle Pierzina might be playing yet again. I loved her on BB6 which I rank as one of my favorite seasons of all time. She was feisty, fought like hell and was a comp beast. She returned in BB7 and did it all over again and was literally a comp away from probably winning that season, rather she was sitting next to Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin or Erika Landin. So that’s right Janelle could be the first person to play BB 4 times, and here’s hoping her fourth time leads to victory.

There are plenty more potential old schoolers in the mix, which is something I was concerned about. I loved “Survivor: Winners at War,” which had old and new players gaming, but that season faltered with all the great players leaving early. I don’t want to see that again here people. Other old schoolers possible joining Janelle include her pal Kaysar Ridha “What Up Kaysar,” BB8 and BB13 alum Daniele Donate (I love her), Memphis Garrett, Kevin Campbell, Enzo Palumbo and Keesha Smith. I swear out of all these names I am thrilled beyond what a person can be that Keesha may be getting her second shot at the game. I loved her on BB10 and hello BB fans: Keesha’s birthday is an iconic moment.

Icing on the cake and it just hit me can you imagine the unfinished business between Keesha and Memphis? Remember he voted her out at the final four and she was livid at him for that. Oh, the drama people, it’s going to be good if these two are in the house together. I would say the only old schoolers I’m not over the moon  about would be Enzo and Kevin. I guess Enzo because I’d rather see Matt Hoffman the brains of The Brigade play again and when it comes to Kevin, he is not as memorable of a character as one hoped. However, that lie he told in BB11 to get Jeff to turn on Russell was amazing and between him, Jordan and Natalie, Kevin deserved to be crowned the winner that season. So I’m eager to see him showcase his skillset again.

There is a possibility only 2 winners will be on the cast, but I’m hoping for more. Those winners should be worried because they might be immediate targets. Ian Terry of BB14 and Nicole Franzel of BB16 and BB18 are looking like strong candidates. I will admit Ian I’m happy to see play again, Nicole, ugh. I’ve seen her play twice and she was no fun on BB18 as a fan of the show. So if I’m being honest I hope she is like a first boot people. When it comes to fan favorites buzz is building that the hilarious Da’Vonne Rogers BB17 and BB18 and we have Nicole Anthony, the underdog from BB21 WE ALL wanted to win. I’d love to see both these ladies go far, but with so many of my favorites in the game, I don’t know America.

Let’s talk about runner ups who should have won the game if they made the right move: Tyler Crispen BB20 and Cody Calafiore BB16. Sorry, but Cody made the dumbest move taking Derrick to the final two over Victoria. As for Tyler, he had inside information from the jury that Angela, his showmance was hated, and he still took pal, Kaycee and lost because of it. Tyler was strategic as hell his season, but he’s not playing with newbies here people, and he might have an ally or enemy in Bayleigh Dayton who delivered on of the best house meetings we’ve seen in years.

Then we have the two characters I’m still scratching my head about: Christmas Abbott BB19, which is one of the most hated seasons of all time next to BB15, BB9 and the most recent BB21. She broke her leg and casted a vote from a hospital bed America. Really? She was Paul’s minion and she’s not an all-star people. The same for David Alexander from BB21, I get that he was screwed over in BB21 with the surprise eviction in the first night, but ugh, he didn’t do anything to be memorable. Sorry David, but you don’t deserve to be on this cast, I see bigger names that should have been considered beyond those two.

How about I name a few: Danielle Reyes, James Rhine, Marcellas Reynolds, Jason Guy, Bryan Ollie, Michelle Costa, Johnny Mac, Paul Abrahamain (love him or hate him, he played his tail off), Swaggy C. I mean c’mon the powers that you be, this is all-stars give us the best of the best, if you want to do a second chances season I’m fine with that, but not on a true all-stars season. I’m still hoping for a surprise or two when the actual cast is revealed that leaves me a bit shocked, but in a good way.