HOLLYWOOD—After nearly 3 months, the 23rd season of the reality competition “Big Brother” came a conclusion and crowned its first winner making history in the process. We have to discuss that final four eviction from last week. I mean Kyland, Kyland, Kyland, after a season of little to no drama, the audience got epic drama when Kyland was blindsided by Xavier, Big D and Azah. Big D was wavering back and forth about evicting Azah or Kyland (hello Big D you have a better chance against Azah than Big D buddy).

Xavier convinced Big D (who he knows he can beat easily) to make the move as it was best for his game. Kyland was under the impression he was safe, but that was until Xavier choose NOT to use the POV and Derek F, stood up and actually casted his vote for the first time this season accurately. Kyland was speechless, blindsided and angry people. I mean whew that was perhaps one of the most memorable final four evictions since Dan evicted Shane in BB14. I mean Kyland bringing up Xavier’s nephew and questioning Xavier’s ability to raise him to be a man?

Whoa, I thought for a second a fight might explode, because Kyland was NOT leaving that house quietly, and then Julie had to shout, like shout for Kyland to come out of the house. Yeah, I’m dying to find out if the jury sees that eviction, because Kyland’s entry for the jury roundtable was epic. So many people were happy to see him (Sarah Beth, Tiffany and Hannah, looking at you) and this was a fun roundtable people.

Enough with the dramatics, we have our final three of Azah, Big D and Xavier. As always, the first part was endurance, which netted a victory for Xavier that was expected to say the least. So part two the physical and mental component witnessed pals Azah and Big D face off, and guess who won? Azah!

Yes, we will have Azah face-off against Xavier in the part 3 HOH which we allow know will be questions and it is truly anyone’s ballgame at that point people. Fans have worried that this season could culminate with a Big D and Azah final two and it just might happen if Azah wins. Why? She has made it clear she will cut Xavier if she wins and that means the jury will have to choose between the two people who have done the least in the game. Too bad Azah was considering taking Xavier. Like what the hell are you doing Azah? Jeez, this woman does not want to play BB, why was she cast because she has been playing blind the whole season. You have a slam dunk to win $750,000 if you cut Xavier and take Big D, but because Big D is so terrible at the game she has other plans.

Why would you dish personal attacks against your bestie who controls your fate? Azah and Big D got into a major argument about her not doing anything in the game. Guess what Big D, you have NOT done anything either, and you can also toss Xavier in there as well. Strategy wise, the only thing X accomplished was blindsiding Kyland and winning when he needed. His notion of what he has done in the game is overreaching big time people. The delusion of this guy is terrible. Why would Big D tell Azah who holds his fate in her hands he WOULD take Xavier? Are you freaking crazy, I honestly think he deserves to be cut at this point to have a taste of reality that he as ignored for weeks.

He was guaranteed second place I mean it was sitting in the palm of his hands, and this moron just told Azah screw you. Azah is so frustrating as a player; why are you there if you have no intention of trying to win the game; it’s just stupid and a slap in the face to all the people who fought in the game and wanted to win the money. Here is the moment I’ve been waiting for the Jury Roundtable and Kyland’s arrival. The jury was stunned to see Kyland, and to say Sarah Beth was speechless, Britini was ecstatic is an understatement.

Kyland shared what happened with Xavier and that Big D cast the sole vote, and as Tiffany pointed out it was the result of Xavier telling him to do it. The jury is giving X more credit than he deserves. His social game was lacking as Tiffany pointed out and he didn’t really do much. She pegged his came 100 percent on things sort of falling into his lap with ease. The jury commended Azah’s loyalty, but as SB stated her game was passive and she wanted to see a big move, which Claire co-signed. Derek X noted that Azah and Big D were even matched. Alyssa, Kyland and Sarah Beth discussed Big D’s strong social game.

Kyland undermined Hannah and it caused fireworks for everyone in the jury especially Tiffany. Hannah made her stance clear to Kyland. Yeah, I wanted a bit more from the jury roundtable and it was slightly lacking for me people. Where was the drama, why the hell did the jury not find out what Kyland did when he was evicted.  Plain and simple it is X’s game to lose, but if Azah makes the big move, she wins. The pacing of this finale is quick, we’re already at part 3 of the HOH and we haven’t hit an hour into the ceremony people, which is Houseguest Headliners.

Yeah, Xavier might be in trouble because he didn’t really bond as much with the houseguests compared to Azah. A total of 8 questions, A, B or C, and determine which of the statements is false. Not looking good Azah losing that first question and it seemed to scatter her thinking. These questions are way too easy people. They should go back to scales of justice competition. Xavier won the final HOH and it was apparent Azah was about to be evicted from the game and we have a Xavier and Big D final two. It was apparent on Azah’s face she knew she was about to be evicted from the game and she became the ninth member of the jury. So predictable.

A Big D and Xavier final two, we know who is winning this game America, I guess the only drama is the jury questioning. Azah did you literally just admit you would have taken Xavier over Big D. Oh, I’m so glad you’re in the jury, you can tell Julie Chen was even annoyed by her responses. Fingers crossed for some good jury questioning because this game has been predictable. Wow, they started with Kyland who posed that question to Xavier (the tension between), about criteria of the first African-American winner of the season. X’s answer seemed like a dig at Kyland. Big D took ‘credit’ for creating The Cookout (we know that is not true).

Ah, a tough question for Xavier addressing his biggest mistake in the game. He was flustered and admitted getting too close to his team. The jury laughed at Big D after Hannah’s question, not a good thing people. Derek X asked a great question to Xavier having to indicate a big move he made. He didn’t throw week 5 HOH he wasn’t beating Derek X. Big D c’mon your answers are vague buddy, and not accurate. Azah did pose a great question to Big D why he deserved the money over Xavier. Disappointing questions from the jury, and c’mon all the jurors including Tiffany and Claire should have been able to pose questions, there was plenty of time to do it people. Those final speeches were a bore people, sorry.

Derek X’s vote was a dig at Big D I assume, Claire’s speech during her vote was clear who she voted for. Kyland’s speech while casting his vote was a dig at X it was apparent people. Maybe the pre-jury is going to bring a bit of excitement to the game. Yeah, this jury is a bit too excitement. It was nice to see Travis, Frenchie, Brent, Whitney and Christian who got to dish some tea to the jurors and the final two.

Christian’s answer to The Cookout was phenomenal. Brent’s question was about what surprised him the most, and he gave her kudos for her strategic masterplan to ensuring the alliance made it to the end. Even Julie gave Tiffany her flowers about her masterplan. Yeah, it looks like Xavier and Big D was stunned with that revelation that they are not the master players that they think they are. Julie revealed some secrets about Hannah’s intelligence, Sarah Beth as a forensic chemist and Claire’s AI engineer.

Derek F was forced to admit that his father is Smokin’ Joe Frazier. The houseguests were stunned with that reveal. Xavier should reveal his secret that he is a lawyer. Britini also revealed that she is autistic and it was a very emotional moment to witness on the show, as she broke down into tears. Oh, Julie talked about Kyland’s eviction and how tense it was with Xavier and it was Ky on the defensive end, so it was not really an apology. Xavier posed the question as to why Kyland brought up his nephew and that was perhaps the most drama we witnessed the entire episode. Kyland will never own his mistake and X looked peeved people. As soon as they were about to chat about it, Julie stopped it. Let them address the issue cause that was a tease a bad one at that.

Julie dropped the prize that America’s Favorite Houseguest will win $50,000. What is the point of the pre-jurors if they don’t get question, um why was Travis, Whitney and Frenchie even there people. Interesting they did the votes from the starting members of the jury, with Xavier winning the game becoming the first African-American winner in the series 23 seasons. Historic! Britini even voted for Xavier over her close pal Big D. I want to know the vote tally it was unanimous. Wow, so even Kyland voted for X that was big of him considering how many digs he took. Interesting how we went from social distancing to everyone hugging and Julie shaking hands.

AFH was a battle between Derek X and Tiffany. It was a close race, but it was Tiffany who walked away with the win. Yes, she absolutely deserved it people. So “Big Brother 23” is over and I must admit I cannot wait for “Celebrity Big Brother 3” to kick-off in February 2022 America.