HOLLYWOOD—My summer guilty pleasure is back America. It is the reality series that is celebrating 21 years on TV and I’ve been watching the series since the very first season people. To say I’m a fan, would be an understatement. After that dreadful, “All-Stars 2” from last season, we have a cast of newbies (it would have been a complete stunner if any returning players came back this season). Back to host is Julie Chen, and let me just put it out there I CANNOT see anyone else host this show besides the Chenbot as she has been coined.

I don’t know why the series hasn’t done live move-ins like they did last year; it just totally shapes the narrative and delivers entertaining TV to say the least America. The theme this season is all about risk and reward, which is something that should have been part of the game quite some time ago. Give out rewards, but they come with risks or consequences. Not necessarily for the entire house, but for the player who takes the risk. Lose a vote, cannot compete in a competition things of those nature which can impact the game people. The theme is known as the BB Beach Club, yeah, we don’t always need a theme, just look at BB10 people, back to basics. There was also a tease of the largest prize in BB history.

We were first introduced to the first four men to enter the game: Travis, who gives off surfer vibes, Xavier, the lawyer, Derek F, the outlandish guy who is going to be a character to say the least and Frenchie, the farmer. Well, Frenchie is a super fan so I want to see what this guy has to offer people. So each team of 4 competes, the winner can change the course of the game and compete for HOH, there is a lot going on people. Frenchie was the winner of the first comp; I like Frenchie people he feels like he is going to have plenty of heart while he plays the game.

The next four to enter the house were the women: Azah, Britini, Alyssa and Whitney. I like the energy from Azah people, but Britini this girl has some energy. I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing. Ugh Alyssa if you cannot contain your emotions that is going to hurt you. Whitney has an aspiring story where you want to root for her and she won her set against the other ladies. The final remaining guys: Kyland, Brent, Christian and Derek X. Kyland looks like he is going to be a fun character. Brent gives off Cody Califiore 2.0 vibes people. Christian is moving with the speed of lighting people and it resulted in a win for him people. Not sure if he is giving the right impression to the house that he is a physical threat people!

The final four ladies of the competition: Hannah, Claire, Tiffany and Sarah entered the house. Sarah does give off nerdy vibes, sweet, but I need to see more. Hannah is giving off those vibes of the dark horse of the season people. There is something about this girl where I’m rooting for her; I love her energy and her drive to want to bathe in people’s blood in the game.

Claire wants to be in an all-female alliance, could this be the season of a successful female alliance. I like this girl people. Ok, Tiffany is feisty people and she is a fan of the show, so that’s a plus. Claire was our final winner and now we get to the fun of drafting teams. Damn, I totally forgot the game was being played in teams. I kinda of wish that was NOT the case, ugh, tidbits about each houseguest and having to make a choice, game is about to be ugly. Our teams consist of the Jokers, Aces, Kings, and Queens, what a cliché people.

Sarah Beth noting that she is a voice character was smart people; we’re learning a lot about Sarah and I’m starting to like her people! So the Jokers consists of Frenchie, Derek F, Britini and Azah; Aces consists of Whitney, Brent, Alyssa and Derek X; Kings consists of Christian, Alyssa, Sarah Beth and Xavier; Queens consists of Claire, Kyland, Tiffany and Travis. They should have drew teams randomly by pulling names. Time for the HOH competition where the captain of the winning team wins HOH for the week and garner safety for their team for the week. It is a game of balance and building a house of cards people.

Yes, Frenchie is the new HOH and I could not be happier, Azah, Frenchie and Derek F are safe people. So in last place were the Kings who will be have nots for the week. What is this new grand prize? Is it finally $1 million! No not $1 million, but $750k. A big reward tonight was offered to Frenchie, but why Julie had to do it in front of the entire house. She offered 2 weeks of safety, he had to land two dice on the table and it had to stay there. However, if he takes the offer and fails he loses HOH and his team could be nominated. Frenchie already knows it’s NOT a good deal. I wouldn’t take it either, way too risky. Frenchie chose not to take the challenge, but was still given the opportunity to play. He did manage to make it happen, but the risk is not worth it.

Julie closed out the night to reveal a new competition known as the Wild Card Competition for a houseguest to earn a game changing reward to shake the game. I love this cast because, the diversity is incredible and I think we are about to have a fun season. “Big Brother” airs Sundays at 8 p.m., Wednesdays at 8 p.m. and Thursdays at 9 p.m. Please BB Gods give us a season worth rooting for after what we’ve dealt with the past two seasons.