HOLLYWOOD—It was indeed an interesting week in the “Big Brother 23” house as we near the end of the season. Claire and Xavier were on the block and Claire was a dead woman walking, but I LOVED her speech, where she put a bit of fire on Xavier and his game. She was later evicted and walked straight out of the house without hugging anyone. Hell, I think I would do the same thing as a player, not because I’m bitter, but what’s the point of being happy with being evicted from your chance of winning the top prize. However, it was double eviction baby and the house expected it and I was nervous.

I was praying that anyone won HOH, but Alyssa, but I also wanted her to win to shake the house a bit. However, my girl Hannah won a memory comp and protected Tiffany who was in real danger. Hannah nominated Alyssa and Xavier, with Alyssa knowing something was off. We get a puzzle Power of Veto that Xavier literally smoked and saved himself from the block. This was an interesting dynamic as Hannah continued to ‘fool’ Alyssa, but replaced Xavier with Kyland. It was apparent Kyland was NOT happy to be on the block even though he couldn’t be more safe people.

I swear the ego on Kyland is going to take a massive hit when he gets out the house and rightfully deserved. He’s going to be stunned he’s not that liked by America, neither are Xavier and Big D. Kyland is very condescending and dismissive and his jury management has been some of the worst that I have EVER SEEN IN THE GAME IN YEARS! No one currently in the jury is a fan of him, he needs 5 votes to win, he has 0 right now, even Sarah Beth his best ally will NOT vote for him if he gets to the end if I’m being honest.

Azah absolutely is NOT voting for him. That means he has lost 6 votes, so if he plans to take Xavier to the end he will go down as the dumbest player in BB history, more so than Cody from BB16. So Alyssa was sent to the jury and the Cookout alliance has officially made it to the final six. Yes, it is the best alliance of all-time getting all of its members to the end. However, this is where things start to get interesting, or at least I hoped. All was good until we saw the latest HOH, which happened to be Kyland.

I talked about Kyland a bit earlier, but his ego seems to get bigger and bigger each time he wins HOH and this week was no different. We had the endless 1-on-1’s, he is clearly aligned with the guys (Big D and Xavier) and targeting Tiffany and Hannah. Ok, America please make this make sense. Kyland has this weird thought that he needs to take the best player to the end to justify his win? Hello, Kyland have you watched BB before, you don’t take the best player to the end, unless you know you can beat the best player or you have no other options, but the person sitting next to you. Even then you weigh two options: 1) Have I played a better game than this person? 2) Who has better jury management: me or them?

If you know your opponent has tanked their jury management (um, Kyland has absolutely done that), then for most people you might want to take him, but considering he has won 5 competitions (3 HOHs and 2 POVs), I would NOT be taking him to the end. Everyone has talked about Xavier’s social game which is good, but let’s be honest it’s not all his doing. Plenty of people wanted him targeted including Brent, Frenchie, Christian, Alyssa, Derek X, Claire, Sarah Beth, Britini, all those people were diverted thanks to the work that Tiffany put into other’s people’s ears. Xavier you could have been going home with the Coin of Destiny if Tiffany was NOT HOH that week. Just imagine if Alyssa was HOH, and Claire jumped in and changed it all. I kind of wished that did transpire now that I reflect.

Kyland decided to nominate Hannah and Tiffany and I cannot understand it. Tiffany is loyal to you Kyland, she’s not coming after you, but you are doing Xavier and Big D’s dirty work and guess what Big D hasn’t done anything for your game. Tiffany’s back was against the wall, the only chance for survival is the POV being used on Hannah and Big D or Xavier being nominated as a result. That means the women would control the votes and Azah, if she was actually playing the game, could take out Big D. This guy has literally told you he’s going to the end with Kyland or Xavier, and you’re just sitting here like, ok. Azah is  a waste of got damn space, I hate players like this. Future note for people playing BB, if you’re not here to win, don’t go into the house, don’t even play the game.

The POV was BB Comics, a now classic competition that was won by Kyland, who just gloated more, Xavier was happy, Big D was happy, but the delusion on those two guys. Oh, I cannot wait to see Xavier and Big D to learn what the world really thinks of them when they get out of the house. Kyland wants Tiffany out and I cannot make sense to it and I will no longer try to figure it out. Kyland is Kyland, he thinks he is smarter than what he actually is and it will be his downfall in the game.

It would be pure bliss to see Kyland or Xavier follow Tiffany out of the door if she doesn’t survive this coming week. Why? We have another double eviction and this is going to be the biggest surprise because NOT A SINGLE PERSON in that house is expecting it and we all know this upcoming HOH is going to be a battle between Hannah and Xavier if Tiffany is evicted. Hannah is pretty damn good with memory and quiz comps, Xavier I’m not so sure, considering he was thrown the comp he won in week 3 and didn’t do well in the week 8 comp either.

I’m certain the double eviction HOH is a quiz likely a before or after or questions comp. The POV that could be interesting because I think it’s a physical comp, but then again it could be skill, but considering a puzzle just happened I don’t see that as an HOH. Kyland will be unnerved when he learns it’s a double eviction, so will Xavier and Hannah has already noted she plans to put Xavier and Kyland on the block which is the right move, but leaning towards nominating Big D. C’mon Hannah hoping the surprise of a double will get her to realize she has to place BOTH Kyland and Xavier up if she wants to ensure one of them goes out.

If neither win the POV, Azah votes out Kyland, Big D votes out Xavier (I think) and Hannah gets to break the tie and to be honest I think she takes out Xavier, but she could probably just take out Kyland as he’s the better comp threat, either of them going out is fine for me.

If Xavier goes Kyland’s end game is blown to bits, if Kyland goes Big D is shattered and Azah is ecstatic. A Hannah HOH is what fans deserve at this point. Anyone else winning would likely result in my losing rooting interest for anyone in the game because the idiot that is Azah wants to target Hannah? Really? Why? Both ladies would be safe going into the final four HOH and they are likely to take each other to the final two. However, only Hannah and Xavier are thinking about winning the game people and that sucks considering we’ve waited all season for this battle and its fizzling bad on BB23.