HOLLYWOOD—I have seen some bad double evictions on “Big Brother,” but this recent double eviction on BB23 after last week’s double eviction had to be one of the worst. I mean the audience losing are last two rooting interest in Tiffany and Hannah back-to-back. Uh, it was just devastating to witness. I mean things weren’t looking good for Tiffany after Kyland decided NOT to use the Power of Veto, but then we get the second double eviction, which totally shocked everyone in the house.

This had to be the worst HOH competition I have ever seen. Rolling balls to knock down balls, who came up with this pathetic competition? That was not the worst thing; it was a two-part HOH. We have NEVER had such a thing in this game ever, except the final HOH of the season which is 3 parts. I would have preferred a Before and After question comp. I don’t understand WHY we haven’t seen that competition in years. The second part was even worse; the balls that were just knocked down had to be rolled back onto the grass. The person with the most balls on the grass wins. I was already peeved that Hannah lost in the first round, just by maybe 5-6 seconds to Azah. Of all people, it is Azah who has WON NOTHING up to this point, who becomes HOH. When you least expect people to win that is when they always win.

This is where things get frustrating. Azah wanted to nominate Hannah and Xavier. I argued back in week 2 that Azah was not the player she claimed to be in her bio and it just continued to be proven as the weeks’ progressed. She didn’t come to play BB, she just came to be in a house with other people. Hannah did her best to inform Azah she would be voted out, but it was clear Azah was playing the game for the guys not herself. It was one of the most nail-biting POV competitions I can recall watching.

It was virtually Hannah against the house in What the Bleep. Hannah missed a crucial second question that was totally hard, however, she managed to recover in the next question being the only person to get it right tying Kyland and Xavier, only to lose the next question and it went down to a tie-breaker between Kyland and Xavier, with Kyland winning his second consecutive veto and third overall for the season. Hannah was fighting for her life, since Kyland thought you have to take the best to be the best, but nope, he decides to use the POV on Xavier. Does this guy know how terrible this looks for him to the jury and guess what: Big D goes up valiantly and Hannah is evicted.

So we have a final four of two of the worst, delusional players I’ve seen in this game (Azah and Big D) and Xavier and Kyland. I swear I don’t ever want to see Azah or Big D play BB again! I hate players who are not self-interested and delusional as hell and these two are the worst. Azah was mad that Kyland disrespected her HOH by using the POV on Xavier. Then win the damn veto, this is not let’s do what is best for Azah. Gosh, I hope her game is torched when she gets out the house because it is absolutely deserved. Xavier won the final four HOH which was all about detail paying homage to the upcoming series CSI.

However, we all know the HOH at the final four doesn’t matter, it’s the POV and this was another disappointment. We have the seesaw ball challenge as the final POV, not a competition testing one’s memory on crucial happenings in the game? I don’t understand this at all. It looks like for BB24 it is time to revamp and change the competitions completely. I’m sick and tired of seeing the same thing over and over again, switch it up. Kyland came in last place and Xavier held all the power of the week because he nominated Azah and Kyland.

Kyland was unnerved. He should be because Tiffany, Claire, Sarah Beth, Derek X and Hannah all warned him that Xavier would betray him and that is exactly what transpired. You did Xavier’s dirty work, because you could have taken him out at 6 and even then if he choose not to you could have done it at 5 by using the POV on Hannah forcing Big D to be nominated and sending X packing.

Nope, now regret is all over his face because he knows something is up with Big D playing terribly and I mean terrible, but he’s not alone so is Azah, so is Xavier and so is Kyland. Talk about a bunch of dummies playing the game people. Big D had no idea the final four eviction is live, not a diary room vote, Azah is telling Xavier she won’t take him to final two, Xavier is gambling by taking out Kyland who will absolutely take him to the end, whereas Azah won’t and to top the icing on the cake Azah and Big D are arguing about who has done more in the game. I am so glad BB23 culminates next week. For a season that kicked off super strong, it is going down in flames real fast now.