HOLLYWOOD—This was the week people, I had been waiting for some chaos to erupt and it is finally starting to erupt on “Big Brother 23.” The drama was a direct result of this pending rivalry between Tiffany and Sarah Beth. Look, I love the gamer in Tiffany, but her ‘hate’ for Sarah Beth is starting to unnerve me a bit. I get that you want Sarah Beth out of the house Tiffany, but the constant smack talk and conspiracy theories doesn’t make you a player as a viewer I want to root for, if anything I’m waiting for your downfall to actually transpire.

We will delve deeper into that later, but first we have to talk about Whitney getting evicted unanimously. Here is the problem Whitney was solo, she was not a threat to anyone, so it was a really bad move for Christian and Alyssa if I’m being honest. They could have used Whitney as a number and truly taken out Hannah, however, Hannah is becoming more of a Tiffany minion which is not great. Hannah needs to realize Derek X is quite loyal to her; that is a NUMBER she desperately needs because they could be a dangerous duo. We know Derek X is a capable competition threat, Hannah, we have yet to see it, but her memory is sharp.

We got our first endurance competition of the season, which was another wall. Look, the wall is getting very stale at this point. It’s too predictable; the houseguests expect it, which is why the producers have to come up with different competitions. Hell, do something where you have to keep your foot on a button, as a platform spins spraying water going clockwise and counterclockwise, the pressure cooker, anything that doesn’t depend on upper strength and size. The wall is not even for everyone. Hell, I would have taken the stop sign competition that Jessica won in BB19 or the spider-web comp used in BB7.

With that said, the wall was in play with Derek F falling first (not surprised). Following his footsteps were Claire (who it was so obvious she threw it, but she was safe), followed by Sarah Beth and Hannah jointly (don’t understand this move), followed by Kyland, Britini and Azah. I was rooting for Azah because I wanted to see her have a bit of power, so this left Tiffany, Alyssa, Derek X and Xavier still on the wall.

Let’s be honest I wanted ANYONE except Alyssa, followed by Xavier to win. Why? I did not want to see a Kings HOH for the third consecutive week. Tiffany fell, and I was worried, but Alyssa soon fell and I was joyful. So I knew at that point it was between Derek X and Xavier, which Xavier soon falling giving Derek X a win. He’s the HOH and Derek X has plans people, big ones. So the Royal Flush is about to turn against each other, which is great because this means we will see fractures in The Cookout.

Look, I have never been a fan of a majority alliance. So whenever the opportunity presents itself to see massive alliances crack and cause a reshuffling in the game. If it was a split house like BB6 that would be exciting, but we are not at that point people. So Derek X wanted to make a big move and take out a big competitor, which would be Christian. There are people wavering back and forth on rather it’s a good move for Derek X. I personally think it is. Why? Christian is a massive threat to the game and is nearly unstoppable as a competitor, so if you have the shot you take it.

Derek X came up with a ruse to place possibly two Jokers on the block, but then considered a Joker and a King on the block which I thought was a better move. He nominated Britini and Sarah Beth, with each being well aware of the fact that a backdoor plan was in play. The interesting dynamic was the fact that Xavier, Alyssa and Christian had no idea this ploy was in play. This was exciting because we’re seeing a potential blindside people, where no matter how the week plays out someone is NOT going to be happy.

Sarah Beth was not happy as a nominee, and you can sense that she probably wished she did not align so much with the Kings and socialized a bit more with the Jokers, who I honestly thought she had a strong relationship with, but she has ignored those relationships, spending too much time with Kyland. So the POV was crucial this week as the players included Derek X, the two nominees, Kyland, Claire and Alyssa. Christian was not picked and this backdoor opportunity enhances people. So for the first time this season a woman won the POV, as Britini, yes, that woman took the power and is coming off the block with Derek F (known as Big D in the house) or Christian.

Oh, the POV ceremony and the aftermath was so much fun people. Why? We got some drama finally, as Derek X nominated Christian after Britini took her off the block. Christian was furious and rightfully so, and Alyssa went into major campaign mode, while Sarah Beth did nothing, but continue to huddle with Kyland. If no one in the house sees these two as an unbreakable duo they are crazy. Alyssa and Christian made plenty of convincing arguments, but the problem is the focus needs to be fully on The Jokers (Britini, Azah and Derek F). With those 3 votes, plus Alyssa and Xavier, that is 5 votes.

It would deliver a blindside that would leave viewers loving it, but the problem is Alyssa and Christian don’t know about the cookout, but Azah and Derek F are not smart enough to weaponized Christian to go after Derek X allowing that war to continue with The Cookout protected in the process. Super smart move, but those clowns wouldn’t see it if it was spelled out for them. People are scrambling to cover their tracks which is fun to finally see America, Tiffany, Claire, Xavier, Kyland, Sarah Beth and so many others.

The audience should prepare for Christian to be the next person evicted from the house as the jury officially begins, a twist is implemented into the game and dare I say this, I’m rooting for an Alyssa HOH because the scrambling would be epic fun people. Azah is after Alyssa, plenty of people are after Sarah Beth, Alyssa would be after Derek X, Sarah Beth is likely still targeting Hannah, things are about to get fun people.