UNITED STATES—If there was ever a video game series that anyone who knows me as a gamer that I adore they would all say “Mega Man.” I have been a fan of this series since the very first time I played the second installment of the franchise on the NES gaming system. I’m referring to “Mega Man 2.” This was an improvement over the previous installment that introduced audiences to our robot hero.

So what transpires is we welcome our first entry into the franchise where we have eight bosses, all with unique names and it becomes fun and exciting to the audience. You know what has always been intriguing about “Mega Man 2” is the fact that if our hero touches spikes he’s done. I’ve always hated that, but it appears to be Mega Man’s true weakness. The fun about this game is traveling to each of these stages where you battle a boss and once defeated you earn their powers. Once you earn that power, it makes it easy for you to take out another boss. Those bosses include: Metal Man, Air Man, Bubble Man, Quick Man, Crash Man, Flash Man, Heat Man and Wood Man.

Something that is a bit shocking about the game is the fact that none of these stages are easy people. They are indeed a challenge, but once you get to the big bad depending on who you select, that determines the outcome. To be honest Crash Man might be the best choice first and once you have obtained his power than you can proceed through the rest of the game. I will admit battling against Air Man, Bubble Man and Wood Man are all fun bosses. Why? Their names equate with their actual powers, Air Man is a battle if you do not have the right weakness to play against him.

The one thing that people should be attentive to is the factoid that once you beat the 8 bosses, the game really kicks into gear as you journey to Dr. Wiley. I’ve said this before and I will say this again, every single entry of “Mega Man” on the NES console is a damn challenge after you defeat your secondary bosses. I mean you literally have 5 bosses before you face the final boss in the game. Yeah, you’d think after fighting that first boss you would be in safer territory, but the challenge just begins America, and that is fun as a gamer. Why?

It is a test to your ability as to how you navigate each stage. It was “Mega Man 2” that set the stage for the iconic hero and many of the iconic bosses that have become a part of the franchise that it is today.

Written By Davy Jones