HOLLYWOOD—Why “Big Brother Gods” why can’t the truly dedicated fans get anything that ever goes our way? Less than a millisecond, that’s it that would have been the difference between a Derek X and a Sarah Beth HOH. If only Derek X taken the longer route than the shorter route would he have won a coveted HOH he desperately needed and one that could have changed the course of this game.

This seems to happen every damn year in week 7 right after the first person joins the jury and we think the underdogs are going to rise up and make a big move. This happened in “Big Brother 20” when Haleigh won HOH and the Hacker Twist complicated things, then in “Big Brother 22” David just needed to complete his puzzle a bit faster than Memphis and now “Big Brother 23.”

My concern was not Sarah Beth as HOH it was Kyland being in her ear 24/7. This was Kyland’s HOH and let’s give Kyland the credit for manipulating Sarah Beth to doing what he wanted her to do, but how for someone who happens to be a forensic scientist to NOT have a brain large enough to make her own moves I will never know. Sarah Beth is going to be totally messed up when she gets out of the house and realizes how badly she was used by Kyland.

With that said, we went from Big D and Azah being targets for SB to her considering nominating Kyland and after Kyland talking to her for hours into the night she landed on Claire and Big D. Look, these Kyland 2, 3 4, 5 a.m. talks are getting beyond annoying. Look, if I was in that house I would tell Kyland not tonight, go to bed, enough is enough people. Kyland was likeable week 1, week 2, week 3, things starting changing week 4 and in the perception of many fans he’s become the villain of the season.

He is arrogant at times and quite condescending and that is NOT good at all people, he has absolutely lost Britini’s jury vote no matter who he sits next to and made it certain that he is a duo with Sarah Beth and he’s a greater threat and people will start looking at that. Out of everyone in the house there are three people I want to see receive their comeuppance: Kyland, Sarah Beth and Derek F and SB has no idea she could be out of the house as soon as next week and oh, how glorious will it look to see her walk into the jury house and Derek X says, “Told you!”

Claire should have been fighting more to stay off the block with SB, who she had an alliance with the Jackpot and she should have pushed that more to SB, who has totally ignored that alliance to be with Kyland and for what? Alyssa played in the Roulette and was victorious against Hannah and saved Big D (makes no sense) and the wheel landed on Xavier. How coincidental is that people? So as it stands only 3 people would have a chance to play for the Coin of Destiny (Big D, Xavier and Derek X), that would change after the POV competition people. However, the Roulette Wheel was such a bust because ONLY Alyssa competed! Ugh, just ugh.

It was devastating to see that Azah, Big D and Alyssa were drawn for the POV and not DEREK X! This draw all, but sealed Derek X’s fate. I mean I would have been happy if at least Derek X, Tiffany or Hannah had gotten selected. Tiffany and Hannah realized their mistake in putting a target on Derek X’s back and they need him in the game. Too little too late people. The POV was a punishment and reward competition and it was Xavier who earned the golden power, but I question the decision. Xavier was going to be safe if anyone else had one that POV except Claire because they all planned to take him off.  Xavier being a third nominee next week or the week after is not smart. He seems to think otherwise, and with less people in the house, if you are on that block with another member of The Cookout, who would be stupid not to take a shot at you?

Let’s say the BB Gods grant us one wish and Claire wins HOH, Xavier is already on the block she doesn’t have to nominate him. She might decide to place Kyland and Sarah Beth on the block. With Big D the only one who can right now play for the Coin of Destiny, he could control Claire’s 2 nominees, but I don’t see him changing both, maybe saving Kyland, and replacing with Alyssa. If that happens, and Alyssa wins POV, Claire would put up Azah or Big D.

If Big D and Xavier are the final nominees not only is a member of the Cookout going home, it could be the move Tiffany and Hannah makes to take out a threat to their game because why take out a goat in Big D. Very dangerous and not smart in my opinion at all people. Also with the Coin of Destiny it’s a fluke. Big D could flip the coin and get nothing. Which means Kyland, Xavier and Big D could all be on the block together as the week comes to an end, who do you think is going home? In this case, Tiffany, Hannah would have the power because it would have been 6 votes without the third nominee, but it now becomes 5 votes.

Alyssa is keeping Xavier, SB is keeping Kyland, Azah is keeping Big D. Tiffany and Hannah determine who goes home and they are likely picking between Kyland and Xavier and X could be in major trouble in such a spot. It’s a long shot, but it could absolutely happen, as the women are starting to realize they can’t take these guys to the end, to be honest, they need to align with the other women in the house and just take out the men. Derek X hit the block and his campaigning was futile because he’s a comp threat, but he made some leeway with Azah, Big D entertained a flip, Hannah, I have no clue what is wrong with her. She is an idiot for just pushing her ally out the door and Tiffany wants Derek X over Claire, who can help her win and take out the guys who are threats to her game.

We are seeing some interesting movement, but I want to see more to shake the game. Here’s hoping if we get an endurance comp for the HOH and it is something that gives everyone equal footing or better yet, let’s doing a Before and After quiz I used to love those comps which we barely see anymore.