HOLLYWOOD—This could have been a really fun week in the “Big Brother 25” house if a few changes were made to the twists. Look, I like a twist just like anyone else, but at the same time, certain twists stifle gameplay or simply make you question WHY wasn’t this done earlier? We finally get comic verse, because I felt like this is the one universe that has been ignored.

Not only did we get the classic BB Comics competition, but we got 2 other twists: the Invisible HOH and 2 Power of Veto Competitions. Yeah, BB Comics as a HOH competition I did not expect, which meant, Cirie and Felicia were automatically out of contention. Both women performed quite well to be honest, but seeing the sweat on Felicia was brutal.

There is a reliance on way too many physical competitions on “Big Brother.” I want to see more skill, luck or crapshoot comps. I mean what happened to the counting HOH, what about the eating gross things competition that delivered chaos in the BB8 house, what about the Before and After competition, which it feels like we haven’t seen in ages, what about the video company where you have to remember colors in synchronization to prevent being slimed? I can keep naming people.

So Jag wins the Invisible HOH and it was for starters not fair. First, you disclose the winner’s time. All everyone has to do is ask everyone what their time was to discover who the winner was. Jag can’t keep a secret for the life in him. He told Matt then spilled to Cory and America, then Bowie, later Blue and before the week was out Felicia and Cirie knew the big secret. The fun of not being announced as HOH is that you can make moves and not have your hands exposed if you do things correctly.

Still explain to me why Jag was targeting Blue who is like super loyal to him and Matt? I cannot understand it. However, he nominated Felicia and Blue which exposed to Blue, Felicia and Cirie that Matt, Jag or Cory or America were HOH, not to advise that Jag is not a great liar. He has a bad poker face. You can tell when he’s lying because it is so obvious. Cirie pegged him as HOH before nominations were unveiled because of his behavior.

That was just the beginning of Jag’s mistakes for the week because he was seriously considering nominating Bowie Jane, yes; he was going to nominate an ally because he was so concerned about being exposed as the Invisible HOH. Then Jag, you shouldn’t have told anyone. No one can peg you if you’re not revealing the details, you bozo. Here’s hoping FBJ is starting consider that Jag is not a reliable ally. Now here comes the BIG twist that could change the game: two vetoes for week. That means if Blue or Felicia wins Jag has to nominate 2 more people, which really limits his options.

Blue is an idiot, she really is. America clued her in to the fact that she was being targeted by Matt and Jag, but she refused to acknowledge it, even though it was so obvious. Well, none of that matter because Blue did win one of the two vetoes for the week, saving herself, Jag won the other veto (which happened to be endurance). What is the problem? Jag won a POV he didn’t need, not to mention, the first competition came down to Jag and Blue! So if that didn’t send a red flag to Blue that her ‘ally’ didn’t want her to win, I don’t know what will. The second was a guessing veto. I’m sorry if my life is on the line, me guessing how long someone can hold onto a bar is not the type of competition I want.

There was a period where Cirie was absolutely looking like a replacement nominee after Blue saved herself. Which would have meant and Cirie and Felicia battle and that could have been dicey. However, Cirie is good and that notion of Jag putting up allies Cory and America started to grow steam. He was just concerned about explaining to Blue why she was nominated. Too late buddy, with that said, a ruse was developed and Blue bought it, still unaware she could be a target the following week by the same people trying to get her out this week.

The decisive decision was for Jag to use his veto after Blue uses hers and take Felicia off the block and blindside Cory and America by placing them BOTH on the block. Yeah, we had a blindside POV meeting on Monday that left Cory and America rattled. America was truly rattled and unleashed some rage and it was great to see. Jag was not expecting that rage and thought there was going to be hugs and kisses after he blindsided allies who were loyal to him. Jag this is BB, not best friends. If you make a move you better expect some consequences.

As a result, America was blanketing and Cory was making moves to try to secure his safety in the game. Does Cory have a shot? I don’t think so; he’s been on thin ice for a very long time, but he did open Bowie’s eyes to Jag and Matt double dipping. However, the smart gamer would take out America, who will align with Cirie and Felicia, Cirie is already doing great work with America consoling her, and there is that buzz of another Black Widow alliance forming in the game ala “Survivor: Micronesia” to take out Jatt (Jag and Matt) and then let the ladies battle it out. I would argue if that unfolded the likely boot order would be: Bowie, Blue and a final three of America, Felicia and Cirie which would be quite fun to say the least.

We don’t have a double eviction this week, but I am ALMOST certain October 26 will be a DE where we go from 7 to 5. Now, if the game wanted to really shock the viewers, we could have the DE a week before the finale where we go from 6 to 4 and then have a speed up eviction going from 4 to 3, but that seems unlikely, but the end game could be fascinating if Jag and/or Matt are evicted, but Jag being able to compete in the upcoming HOH, oh, I don’t love that, and I’m hoping there is a twist: he can compete, he just can’t win, because if Jag learns that it is going to blow his world to pieces.