HOLLYWOOD—Unfortunately, the landmark 25th season of the reality competition series “Big Brother” is dragging. We are in week 12, yes, you heard me correctly week 12. With most seasons, the game would have been over by now, not here and the fatigue is being felt. The countless twists and non-evictions has stifled the gameplay in a major way.

First off, Julie Chen, the viewers at home are no idiots. EVERYONE knows that Jag was the Invisible HOH from the previous week. Having him go ‘vote’ and placate the notion that he was not in power is just annoying. Not to mention even Cory called him out in his eviction speech. Jag should not have been able to compete. If anything he competes, but he cannot win. Major blunder on production and as I previously noted this season is slowly tanking by the minute. The weird schedule, who is watching BB at 11 p.m. or nearly 12 a.m. on Sunday nights?

The twists have stifled gameplay and the same person is winning everything. Yes, Jag won HOH again and he won the POV again. I can get Jag winning the HOH, but the POV against Blue. Dude this girl is super loyal to you and you’re targeting her because she is a comp threat, who won a guessing veto. Jag I want you to keep doing what you’re doing because your jury management is horrible.

This whole whoever wins the most wins the game crap is just terrible logic and as so many people have echoed; it is a sign that the game is broken and massive changes are needed for season 26. This was birthed as a game about social experimentation. Where is the lying, backstabbing, deception and manipulation people? Gosh, I want BB2 thru BB10 back, the modern day era is so pitiful and stale at this point. The only hope for this season is the double eviction, and fingers crossed that America or Cirie wins and takes out one of Jag or Bowie. Look, Bowie was great that one week she had power, but she has fallen into this team mentality. Only 1 person wins $750,000. If you’re not trying to win the grand prize why are you even here? I can stomach Matt because out of everyone left in the house besides Cirie, he is playing to win. You see him manipulating and lying, and it is fantastic to watch.

Bowie crying after Cory decided to play the game was proof she is not cut for this. It is a game about campaigning and you NOT wanting someone to campaign because you can’t handle it. Get out of the house NOW! I don’t want her booted in the DE, I want her on the block the entire week, alongside Matt to see them whine and worry about being booted from the game.

They need a bit of humble pie to open their eyes to the fact that the game is not about being catered to you. I had hopes for Felicia, but strategist this woman is NOT at all, and she is now trying to protect Jag and Matt! Felicia you cannot beat either of them if you’re sitting next to them in the end. This is why I wish this woman was evicted instead of Izzy and Mecole. These are actual people who were willing to make a move, but Mama Fe just wants to get close to the end and is throwing her one ally Cirie under the bus to do it, and it does her no good in the process.

You not only hurt Cirie’s game, you hurt yours because now Matt and Jag want a final four with Bowie and America. There is still the issue of Blue who thinks America is the target unaware that it’s her. Jag, how do you think this is going to go when Blue learns the truth? That is a jury vote that is burned. The boredom is starting to kick in and REALLY need the BB Gods to give fans what we want: Matt, Jag or Bowie booted during the DE following by one of the underdogs winning the following HOH and POV to send another of the trio out the door. It is the only way to open up this game.

My thought process was to take out Matt, but Jag is the brains and he has to go first, and then you can probably manipulate Matt because he’s not too big on the decision making and Bowie I think will be lost without Jag to bounce ideas off of. Cirie and America just need to survive this double eviction and I think they have a serious shot at winning this thing. If Matt or Bowie win the DE we may as well just say, c’mon BB26 or another edition hopefully in the winter.

It is sad as a fan when you want Felicia BOOTED out of the house before Matt and Jag at this point because I have no clue what this woman is doing. Feels like a tinge of jealously if I’m being honest here. However, Matt admitting to Cirie he wants to take a shot at Jag is very intriguing, and now that Cirie FINALLY knows what Felicia is doing, it can possibly open the door for a Matt, Cirie and America alliance to the final three.

To be honest, not a bad notion for Cirie and America because I think Matt could take either of them. This DE and the final HOH will determine how the rest of this season plays out, but I’m certain we have a fast-forward coming as well sometime next week, so we’ll be quickly going from 5 to the final three.