HOLLYWOOD—It was a week full of surprises and what could have been the definitive transition in the game of “Big Brother 25.” Yes, when I found out Cirie Fields was playing the game I was excited, knowing that her son Jared is in the game with her is an unfair advantage because he is a blind spot for everyone in the game except for Izzy and Blue (but neither of them have divulged that information to the house). Quite stupid to say the least.

With that said, Red was blindsided in a move that was supposed to be a blindside of Jag, but Cirie and company for the fourth straight week could not get things together. They almost blindsided Meme and Felicia as well, before clueing them in on the move. I kind of wish they didn’t because it would have woken up Meme, to actually get in the game. She has to be one of the most invisible players I can recall in the game in years. Felicia is actually playing, but unaware that others in the game are plotting her demise.

With that said the HOH was critical because Bowie and Cameron were just speechless and Cam was seething mad that his pal was sent packing. So it was a question HOH (about time) and guess who won HOH, Cameron! I don’t think I have ever been so excited to see someone in power because I hate a steamroll and to see EVERYONE except Bowie scared straight about Cam’s win was great TV. Cirie was scrambling, Izzy scrambled, Jared scrambled, everyone was scared because they had no idea what Cameron was going to do, exactly what he wanted.

What was clear was that Cam and Bowie are indeed a duo and Bowie finally opened her eyes to realize that Cirie and Felicia are not her allies. Yeah, if you blindside an ally, you cannot expect them to work with you and act as if all is ok. Felicia’s tactic not impressive, Cirie’s on the other hand, damn this woman is good. So Cam made it his mission to NOT clue anyone on who his initial nominees might be, except he hinted to Jag, he might not be the target. A deal was brokered between the two, and for once I just wish Jag would spill what he knows and change the dynamics of the game. He has so much Intel on Izzy, Cirie and Felicia and just needs to drop it.

However, when you have allies like America and Blue, who can you trust? Matt is more aligned with Cirie than anyone, but he is indeed loyal to Jag, but I can see Jag getting the boot from Matt if he knows it might threaten his game. America has good instincts at times, but she talks too much and loose lips sink ships. When it comes to Blue, I have no clue why she is even there. She is not playing the game, she is trying to please Jared and it’s annoying the hell out of me. Even her diary room sessions are annoying as there is no authenticity at all.

Jared, what can I say about this guy that I already haven’t said? His fall from grace will be glorious TV because he is an absolute ass. The way he talks to Cory is annoying, not to mention his hate for America (which Matt also shares) makes absolutely no sense. Jared is torching his relationship with Cory for reasons that make no sense. Cory spilled a secret about Zach, his brother being on “Survivor.” Guess what Jared, Cirie is your mother, and Cory doesn’t know what, however, you dumbass told that Intel to Blue? So what is the big deal? Your secret is game changing, Cory’s not so much.

Cory is starting to connect dots and realize that Jared is no loyal ally, but he’s getting closer to Izzy which I think is critical, whenever Izzy (if she chooses) makes the move to turn on Cirie and Jared, which she absolutely should be doing as we enter the jury phase. More on that later. The nomination was one for the ages, as the safe houseguests got a pie in the face, and the last two remaining were aghast. Yeah, Cameron dropped the bomb nominating Izzy and Felicia. Izzy was upset, Felicia got blindsided, Cirie was crying, and the power structure was in shambles. Oh, I loved it, and that speech Cameron gave was Chef’s kiss.

I am tired of seeing the same people nominated; I want to see new faces each week. So it would all come down to the POV, because it was obvious Cameron was planning to backdoor Cirie if things went his way, the slight problem is he placed Felicia on the block unaware that she was in danger of getting the boot. Cam trusted Jared way too much, unaware that Jared was the reason him and Red splintered in the previous week, not to mention he just placed you on the block! I would have returned the favor.

Jag, Jared and Matt were picked to play in the veto, and guess who won, Jared, but by default. That now marks TWO TIMES that Jared has won a competition, by default. It was hilarious. This guy is not the comp beast he thinks he is and when it comes to puzzles, the dude is brain dead. Matt actually won the competition, but misinterpreted a prize as an opportunity to hang out with a celebrity, Josh Duhamel, but it was a cardboard cutout. Izzy and Felicia got punishments and Jag won $5k, while Cameron won a trip to Europe, which Jared was up in arms about.

You idiot, if you didn’t take the veto there was a good chance your mother was about to hit the block and possibly be evicted. Gosh, Jared boils my blood people. He spilled all his grievances to Cameron (of all people) about his issues with Cory and America, while throwing Blue, Jag and Matt under the bus in the process. I hope Cam was taking all that information in because it was vital. FYI, Jared please stop with the damn ‘bro’ talk it is infuriating me in ways I cannot explain any further. Is that the only word in your vocabulary?

Jared was planning to threaten Cory with the notion of using the veto (he had no plans to do it), even though Cameron wanted it used to put up Cirie or even Jag. Damn, Jag just keeps getting placed on the block or the threat of the block week after week, which means change your game Jag. So Felicia and Izzy remain on the block, with HG if they were smart wanting to take a shot at Izzy to weaken Cirie.

Jared really torched his game and exposed his ties to Izzy and Cirie this week for no reason. That punishment tying Cirie and Felicia together for 48 hours truly hurt Cirie’s game, but she went to work immediately after she was untied and it was needed desperately. America spilled plenty to Cameron to FINALLY get him to open his eyes and realize that he cannot trust Jared and he’s seeing the structure of the house more clearly.

Very interesting development because the side that has been fumbling is starting to get it together, as Matt spilled to America about Cirie playing in the special power competition and it resulted in her sharing with Cory who woke up. That is the problem with showmance’s people go to sleep and stop playing the game, but Cory woke up and realized his position is bad and he might need to make a move. Izzy is not being voted out by Cory; he needs her too bad in her game. He absolutely knows she will be loyal to him.

However, a Cory, America, Matt and Jag alliance is looking likely, but the problem is they are unreliable. Jag is a terrible player, but shared vital knowledge to Matt, but he’s an enigma as a player. You don’t know who he is actually loyal to.

Could Matt vote out Izzy over Felicia? I don’t see it, but it’s possible. At least the foursome know that Blue is not to be trusted at all as she knows Jared has her back and Cirie and Izzy want to drag her to the final five. Cory with this potential new alliance will need counters to take them out. He absolutely can’t go past the final six with Matt, Jag or America. At least two of them would have to improve his endgame potential and with this jury twist it could change the game as we know it.

The more interesting players are Meme and Bowie. Bowie really woke up this week, with good conversations with America and Cameron, but she needs power. Meme, I don’t understand, I think she would be fantastic if she aligned with Cory and America, but that ship may have sailed, but those three would be dangerous. A Meme HOH would be very interesting.

Julie dropped a twist about the jury which has fans worried. Could the jury start early? Possible, or as some have feared we could see a final three, which is not good. I’d rather see the return of a 7-person jury, if anything. Thursday cannot come soon enough because I want to know how the game will change yet again because a final three could change how everyone plays the game.