HOLLYWOOD—What a week in the “Big Brother: All-Stars” house America! Whew, I thought a Memphis HOH was going to be bad, but it proved to be just what fans needed for chaos to explode in epic fashion. Yes, it hurt my soul to see BB10 and alum Keesha Smith voted out, I’ve been dying for her to play again, but it is what it is. The game must go on.

Memphis won a True/False HOH, and man oh man did the power go to his head. For those watching the feeds, Memphis is an early riser and has to have his coffee and move around a bit before you talk game with him. The one thing I appreciate about Memphis is the guy has an ego and an heir of arrogance that he is NOT afraid to showcase to the houseguests. We never saw him have HOHitis in BB10 because he never won it, but here, whoa the house was not pleased people. His alliance of six including Cody, Dani, Nicole F., Christmas and Tyler had no idea what Memphis planned to do and he wanted to keep it that way.

That’s the problem with having a large alliance: you have to please too many people and everyone’s agenda will not align with yours. That is what I respect about Memphis, he realizes what not many others realize about BB: only 1 person can win, and when it comes to Memphis it’s all about him and that is how the game should be played. He wanted paranoia to move throughout the house and it worked because he thought like me, get as many people to play in the Safety Suite competition to lessen the competition for next week, which is the last time safety can be played. Smart, but he didn’t go about it the best way by alienating his alliance and threatening people.

So Kevin, David, Da’Vonne, Bayleigh, Christmas, Tyler and Ian all competed, with Christmas gaining the victory. And she bragged to high heavens about it. Girl, we know you won, get over it. She selected Ian after he placed that bug in her ear. It was a smart move Ian, very smart because Memphis wanted to go after you for Dan Gheesling and now his plans were ruined. Memphis told everyone he was not mad, but you can tell on his face he was mad people.

Ian was out of the mix leaving Janelle, Kaysar, Bayleigh, Da’Vonne, David and Nicole A as contenders. Nicole didn’t play in the Safety Suite and she should have. She sensed trouble and so did David, as the two both got placed on the nomination block. Memphis was a bit rude in his speech and it worked towards David’s advantage and he used his water works to gain sympathy from the house and everyone felt for him. Let me put it this way: David was looking pretty safe as of Friday, but mid-week the movement of the house changed dramatically.

Nicole A and Kevin, who are complete morons, are under the guise that Janelle and Kaysar are the masterminds of the house. Ugh, news flash, they’re not, they’re on an island by themselves and are grasping at straws to gain allies. The house wanted either Janelle or Kaysar to be back doored and went to Memphis to place that bug in his ear. Here’s the problem, Memphis is old school people and he sees what fans of the show see: if they’re not targeting me, why would I target them?  Exactly, so it fell on deaf ears, but it was a relief for Kaysar and Janelle fans including myself people.

So with the POV in place it was a late one and it was Memphis who came into power. If the guy did not have any more power this week, he held all the cards and sometimes as HOH you want to have that so there are no surprises for the week. Jaysar as the fandom have coined them wanted Memphis to backdoor Nicole F (I would love that), while everyone else wanted Janelle on the block (not a fan of that). Memphis didn’t want to backdoor anyone it was too early as he noted. Not to mention he’s aligned with Nicole F and Janelle and Kaysar.

The POV was not used and Nicole A and David remain on the block, and David has many allies in his corner, whereas Nicole is struggling to gain many. I mean she has Janelle, Kaysar and Kevin, but Nicole A wants to place Janelle and Kaysar on the block if she wins HOH. Girl, these people are in your corner, but for reasons I can understand she is NOT seeing everything and BB21 has really messed with her anxiety. Got damn Gr8etful and the Six Shooters. I’m so glad none of those a**holes were asked to return because none of them deserve it America, none.

More important detail worth discussing people, alliances are fracturing left and right. The core of Nicole F, Cody, Enzo and Dani is fracturing with Enzo and Cody questioning if they can trust Dani, Dani has been lying to so many people that her hands have been caught. Janelle and Kaysar finally realized that Dani is with the other side, Cody is a ‘mastermind,’ Tyler is in that group and what I love about BB is happening before my eyes: the dynamics of the house can be read and fingers crossed the underdogs make a move to get some things changing people.

Dani why in the hell would you propose an alliance with Janelle who you have been targeting. In doing so you named your alliance to her, and in the process exposed others you’re working with. Janelle already despises Nicole F, and vice versa. She also is having issues with Kevin who has been talking behind her back and clouding Nicole A’s judgement. There are a lot of rivalries brewing, but perhaps the person with the best read on the house is Bayleigh. The girl has figured out so much and pegged Cody to a ‘T’ people.

With that said, she has a TERRIBLE ally in Da’Vonne who is just messy and talking too much to anyone who will listen causing distrust and placing a major target on her back.

This core of four of Enzo, Cody, Bayleigh and Da’Vonne is starting to sever making an opening for the under dogs people. The venom being spewed against Janelle and Kaysar is just too much for me to witness as a feeds watcher and it feels like a bullying tactic. I mean how these houseguests can’t figure out that the audience ALWAYS roots for the underdogs not those in power I will never understand. However, I’ve never done a complete 360 on disliking people I loved like Dani, Da’Vonne, Nicole A and a host of others so quickly. Nicole F I was never a fan of so her whining and victim noises is only further tanking her game if you ask me.

Week 3 is upon us and while I hate that both of the nominees currently on the block could be going home. However, with the level of gameplay they both displayed this week, I see why “Survivor” is superior than “Big Brother.” When they do a returnee season they pull out all the stops to get the best of the best, like 20 winners people, not a host of people fans hate, dislike or barely played their first time. We need a Week 3 HOH who will shift the power dynamics and blow this game open, otherwise it’s going to be a drag of a season America.