HOLLYWOOD—Ugh, the fandom was 1 point, 1 freaking point a way from having a power shift in the “Big Brother: All-Stars” game. In a crapshoot HOH competition, it was luck that was on Tyler’s side as he became the new HOH and the writing was already on the wall that Janelle and Kaysar would touch the block together. The predictability this season is just so frustrating. Like I seriously wish, we could have actually had Josh and Kaycee on this cast instead of Christmas and David.

I’m sorry, neither of them are all-stars. David is a complete idiot; he knows nothing about the game, and is completely aloof. If the producers thought someone deserved another chance from BB21, it was Kemi not David. Christmas was one of the most hated houseguests from “Big Brother 19,” yet she seems to forget all her bullying tactics with Paul and company. Girl, shut up already, no one cares about your season, it’s one of the most hated in the franchise; I’m just dying for someone to actually tell her that.

Nicole Franzel, if the BB fandom could not hate her anymore, she proved it this week with her non-stop victim portraying. You planned that speech on making Janelle a ‘have-not’ and she called her a** out on it. Own it, that’s why I cannot stand about her: she refuses to own her game and her antics and that makes it near impossible for anyone casual or us feed watchers to root for you. You’re a grown woman, if you’re going to make a big bad speech, don’t go hide in the corner afterwards.

Fans only heard more victim noises from Nicole who whined to the entire house when Bayleigh called her out on playing the game a few times with a few guys, which Nicole was ultra-sensitive about and told Christmas, Da’Vonne, Dani and the entire house that Bayleigh was aggressive with her. Nicole she was NOT and she stated a fact, rather you want to acknowledge it or not, that is your problem, but it’s the TRUTH, plain and simple people. I’m sick of her and I cannot wait to see her voted out of the game, BB Gods please make this happen because I want to salivate on her tears because she so deserves it.

Yes, I know I’m complaining a bit much, but we’ve waited 14 years for “All-Stars” and the level of gameplay has been so disappointed I cannot explain it with words. Da’Vonne has terrible reads on the house; her paranoia has turned her into a major target in the house much sooner than expected. Ian is a lapdog and still playing the same game he played in BB14, Kevin continues to whine nonstop, Dani is so delusional with her lies I don’t understand what game she is playing, Memphis is grumpy as hell, and its Janelle and Kaysar against the entire house. Thank you so much Nicole Anthony (that is sarcasm by the way).

Tyler nominated Janelle and Kaysar, and as much as one wants to root for Tyler he has an heir of arrogance in him, similar to what Dr. Will said about Kaysar in BB7 that Tyler is unaware of. Being cocky is not a good luck because you don’t have the same level of charisma as Dr. Will to get away with things. Pump the brakes on that a bit, it’s the reason the fans liked you on BB20, but they didn’t love you. You haven’t won the game yet, and you’re not playing with the best of the best in the game if we’re being totally honest, if Dan, Derrick, Danielle Reyes, Dr. Will, Vanessa, Rachel Reilly were in that house, your tail would have been eaten alive. I need a power shift America because I’m so bored right now, and we’re only in week 3 of the game.

It looks like Janelle is indeed a goner, after Cody won the Power of Veto and chose not to use it. I guess I should be talking about the Safety Suite competition, but who cares. I’m glad it ended this week so the next new twist in the game could be introduced as Julie Chen noted more rooms would open up throughout the summer and in my mind I’m begging and I mean begging for a twist to give our underdogs a power or to place a mirror against those running the house so they’re aware their antics or behavior is not well like, ala America’s Field Trip.

I must say I respect Tyler for extending an olive branch to Kaysar, knowing that Janelle is likely going home this week. Tyler has no idea how many people are tossing his name out there, especially Dani. Thankfully, he has Christmas in his back pocket, but David, the guy is so useless it’s not funny. Even Da’Vonne and Bayleigh realize they should have voted him out instead of Nicole Anthony last week. With that said, Da’Vonne’s paranoia has really tanked her game with her alliance. Tyler does NOT trust her at all and was vehemently considering putting her on the block if one of Kaysar or Janelle won the POV.

FYI producers, the Safety Suite twist would have worked better if the person saved received a punishment that impacted the game, not a stupid costume for filler in the episode. How about you can’t compete in the next HOH, the next POV competition or wait for it: you lose your vote for the week. It would create some interesting gameplay where people would be forced to think about people they could potentially alienate and it would add another strategic element to the game if you ask me.

David proved he is the most inept player to ever enter this house and SHOULD HAVE NEVER been casted on an “All-Stars” season America. He blew up Tyler’s game and I loved it. We are seeing when Tyler DOES NOT get his way he flips out like a big baby similar to what Paul did when he did not get his way in the game.  Tyler went into panic mode and I must say I liked what I witnessed, it shows vulnerability when things do not go his way America.

So this week we’re losing 1 of 2 icons in the game, and yes they are indeed icons amongst this cast because the rest are not, however, we know a twist is headed our way, I mean this is BB so fingers crossed on a battle back or America’s vote that allows us to send a player voted out the game right back into the game, now can you imagine the chaos that would cause people?