HOLLYWOOD—I never thought in a MILLION years, the long anticipated “Big Brother: All-Stars” season would be this boring. It feels like “Big Brother 16” all over again, with a mix of “Big Brother 19,” both of those seasons were despised and hated by true fans. Why? We don’t like steamrolls, we like to see shifts in power and actual battles; this whole go with the house mentality is dreadful.

I’m almost in the same boat as true diehards of the series, waiting for another season of “Celebrity Big Brother,” but instead of celebs we have actual LEGENDS in the game people, not people that the fan-base find entertaining or who are alternates because you couldn’t get who you wanted to get. Why? No one is playing and those who are playing are so afraid to make a move they’re going to wait until it’s TOO LATE to take out threats that they cannot beat in the end.

I mean do you think it’s smart to go to the end with people who are just as competitive and socially apt as you are? No, it’s not America. We get another crapshoot/skill HOH where Kaysar (the underdog I’m certain almost all of America has been rooting for), was 1 ball away from changing the dynamics of the game). It was cringe to watch it on the TV because I’m screaming “Kaysar, c’mon you got this.” However, it was Enzo who became the next HOH. He did exactly what the house wanted and put up Kaysar and used Kevin as a pawn. Kevin was an emotional mess yet again with thoughts he was not worthy and would become a perpetual pawn.

So how did he erase the issue? He won the Power of Veto. This veto was an endurance one?  Yeah, since when has that been the case? So Kaysar never had a chance, he remains on the block and is likely to be voted out yet again, making it the fourth time he was evicted perjury since BB6. Yeah, it totally sucks, but what can you do America, what can you do. Now, I thought the week was going to be a dud, but things shifted Sunday night.

Why? There was apparently a wall yeller who noted that Cody and Nicole was playing everyone. Now people complain about interference all the time in the game especially from outside factors, but the producers do it all the time with twists America. Hi, BB8, BB13, BB14, BB15, BB19, the list goes on. So it is not out of the realm to see twists show up or to have some outside force impact the game when you least expect it.

Memphis, Kaysar and Christmas were outside, with a few others when this information reached the houseguests, of course feeds cut for several hours during the process, but again, what are you going to do? Do I think it actually impacted the game, not so much, because there were other things in play long before courtesy of Tyler! Yes, that core alliance is being broken apart, that always happens in BB, it just sometimes take a bit of time for it to happen; four weeks has been long enough if you ask me. I’ve been dying to see a shot taken at Cody, Nicole and Dani and it looks like it’s about to take place.

Tyler has been coyly planting seeds of distrust about Dani with Cody and Enzo for weeks, and it culminated this week, when Dani decided to throw that hinky vote to Janelle. Smart move to cause distrust, but why in the hell would you tell or ask Cody to join you in doing that? He said no way, and then it happened? Of course he’s going to suspect you. Making it worse is she eventually confirmed the details, and Cody spilled the tea to Tyler which was more ammunition.

Remember Dani has wanted to go after Bayleigh and Da’Vonne for weeks, Tyler has that info and spilled it to Bayleigh and Da’Vonne to round them up as allies. Tyler is one of the best players right now because he knows he’s not in that CORE alliance that consists of Dani, Cody and Nicole Franzel. He knows people are looking at him and he’s making a presumptive strike before one is made on him.

Tyler vs. Dani is a war I cannot wait to see, this might actually make me root for Dani people who I have been against all season. Targeting Janelle was a mistake because the target only shifted to her next, keeping her around would have been a shield for Dani. Making the week more fun was the fact that Christmas decided to go on the block as a volunteer for Enzo. Ugh, such an idiot. I don’t know why people think they are so safe they are willing to risk their game because they have another person on the block who they assume is a lock to go home.

You can always and I mean always have a flip where the pawn goes home and it absolutely could happen for Christmas if Dani gets word she in danger, she might want to use Kaysar and weaponized him to go after Tyler. I feel like the house is about to explode and this could be plenty and I mean plenty of fun as we start to see people in power scramble, those not in power start to align (hi, Kevin and Ian) and people unaware that they are in danger (Da’Vonne, Bayleigh and Dani) open their eyes and realize there are on the cusp of being booted from the BB house.

I know things have not been the greatest, but moves are being made that are starting to excite me America, this is good to see and I’m hoping the second helping of “Big Brother: All-Stars” delivers the same mind-twisted gameplay the original all-stars gave us in 2006.