HOLLYWOOD—This limited series had me glued to the TV screen wanting to find out how things ended, yes, I’m talking about the HBO hit “Big Little Lies” with only seven episodes; this drama about the lives of three women in the town of Monterey has been full of drama. So are you dying to know who was killed and by whom?

Stop reading NOW IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED THE EPISODE, AS SPOILERS ARE AHEAD. PERRY was killed at the hands of BONNIE! Perry’s death not so shocking, however, Bonnie being the culprit was. Let’s dive deeper people.

The episode, “You Get What You Need” kicked off with plenty of drama: Celeste encountering another brutal attack courtesy of Perry, Madeline being forced to acknowledge that her secret affair is about to explode in her face and Jane finally discovering the person who is bullying Amabella is none other than Max, Celeste’s son (just as I SUSPECTED)! The child was picking up on the behavior that his father has been exhibiting at home against his mother. Madeline confronted Joseph about his wife Tori stalking her at her home, which led to an outburst from Joseph wishing Madeline out of his life.

Gordon made threats to Jane about keeping her distance from his wife, Renata. It looks like Jane was thrown with Gordon’s threats, which led Tom to thrown Gordon out of his establishment. Kudos for chivalry people, and Tom asked Jane out on a date. She was surprised to learn that he was straight and not gay. Jane revealed to Celeste that her son Max was bullying Amabella, and Celeste was not stunned with the news considering what has been transpiring at home.

Abigail and Madeline had a heart-to-heart about their past transgressions, and it appears mother and daughter are in a much happier place. The parents got dressed in their best costumes to participate in trivia night. Perry was unraveling when he discovered that Celeste was looking to leave him after learning about the real estate agent.

Celeste spilled all the dirty details about their son bullying Renata’s daughter and how his behavior has rubbed off on their children. Watching Celeste grieve her marriage and the destruction of her family because of Perry’s violent behavior was sensational acting on Kidman’s part. It was torture watching Ed prepare to take the stage; it was apparent something was about to explode, it was more of a question of when. It was apparent Ed’s words were taking a toll on Madeline; guilt was secretly eating away at her, just as Jane attempted to comfort her pal who revealed her tryst. Perry arrived at the shindig looking for his wife. Celeste informed Renata that it was her son who was bullying her daughter, not Ziggy.

Barbs between Nathan and Ed were reaching a feverish pitch, from a distance Bonnie spotted Celeste in distress, just as Renata interrupted a moment between Madeline and Jane. Things culminated with Celeste, Jane, Madeline and Renate conversing, just as Perry followed after his wife. That prompted Bonnie to follow after Perry, and it became apparent Celeste was in distress. Just as Jane realized that it was Perry who raped her. Bit of a game-changer people, as it became apparent that Ziggy and Max and Josh are brothers!

The actual mayhem was not seen, just the aftermath of police sirens, a disheveled and bloody Celeste and Perry’s bloody body. So who actually committed the deed? Well, the writers did a compelling job of silencing the confessions from Madeline, Renata, Jane and Bonnie, but we heard the details from Celeste of what transpired, which echoed what EVERYONE else uttered.

However, that epic montage towards the final moments of the episode revealed just who killed Perry, it was: BONNIE! Wow, never expected that one, but considering Perry was a brute force who was literally tossing those ladies around as if they were toy cars, if Bonnie hadn’t intervened Celeste may have died and probably the others.  So the title finally echoes itself front and center, as a lie is used to save the life of a woman who endured massive emotional and physical pain.

Man “Big Little Lies” has plenty of levity to it; riveting, shocking, full of stunning moments at times and engrained with so much drama, intrigue and fascinating characters, in 7 short episodes it has become the standout TV series of 2017 so far in my opinion. Please TV Gods, give us a second season of this phenomenal series I’m dying for it!