HOLLYWOOD—It has been a whirlwind season from start to finish. After that season 6 cliffhanger that left fans dying to know the result, the season 7 premiere did not disappoint. As for the season 7 mid-season finale, fans were well aware that “The Walking Dead” would deliver plenty of surprises along the way. However, the season finale appeared to be a love letter to us fans who have been eagerly waiting for a revolt to ignite.

The episode, ‘The First Day of the Rest of Your Life’ saw both Negan and Rick planning their armies for a battle to end all battles. Things kicked off with Sasha listening to music, in some sort of daze or pain before the screen cut to black. Looks like a flashback sequence chronicling the love story between Sasha and Abraham before their journey to the Hilltop. Be aware, this transpired back-and-forth throughout the episode.

Rick, Tara, Rosita, Daryl, Michonne and Jesus were all ready to enact vengeance on Dwight, but for the oddest reason he was able to convince the others to trust him as he presented valuable information about Negan’s secret attack on the Alexandrians. Daryl made it clear, death was coming to Dwight in the near future. Negan divulged his masterplan to Sasha of her role to seek punishment against Rick and the others. Death appeared to be on Negan’s mind, while Sasha was against the notion of killing any of the people she cares about. They agreed to just 1 person dying (I suspect Sasha will sacrifice herself for the greater good of the group).

Maggie suspected that Gregory was betraying members of the Hilltop, which led to a potential uprising with the approval of both Jesus and Anid. Members of the Kingdom, courtesy of Carol and Ezekiel were ready to do battle with Negan; unfortunately, Morgan was still conflicted about the idea of utilizing violence to take out an army. Jaydis and her clan arrived to Alexandria to assist in the battle against Negan. Negan and his crew found themselves at a crossroads courtesy of unexpected debris in the road, leading to Eugene offering his services yet again.

Rick and the others were not happy to see Eugene arrive to Alexandria making threats to conform to Negan’s demands. It was a haunting moment which resulted in a failed bomb threat. Why? It was revealed that Jaydis and her clan were members of Negan’s crew. Yep, I knew it was all too good to be true, but it makes perfect sense the more you think about it. Negan knew Rick was planning an attack and wanted all those guns as leverage against his biggest threat. Jeez, I’m so petrified at this moment because it looks like Rick and the others are about to lose more members because of Negan.

Negan went on another tirade per usual preaching his courageous acts. He made it clear that Sasha was being held captive inside a coffin, which left everyone rattled. Rick was placed in a precarious situation of having to pick a member of his crew to have a date with ‘Lucille.’ So that opening sequence now makes perfect sense people! It seemed Sasha was hoping before being stuffed in that coffin she could find a way to get Eugene for once in his LIFE to do the right thing against all odds.

It was a stunning moment, as Sasha emerged from the coffin as a walker, and attacked Negan, allowing for an epic diversion where all-out war ensued and not one was spared. Jaydis shot Rick and kicked him off the balcony, just as Negan found himself RUNNING for once in his life. The revolt fans have been waiting for has finally been unleashed. Things were indeed looking dire for Michonne and Rick. Michonne looked near death, just as Negan brought the audience back to a familiar moment involving Rick and Carl.

It looks like Negan is about to enact a vicious act against Carl in Rick’s presence. And the echo of those screams sounded as if Michonne fell to her death! Negan revealed to Rick that he planned to kill Carl, but Rick echoed back his hatred for Negan with threats to kill the big bad (and he was dead serious people)!  Just as Negan was about to murder Carl, Shiva and the Kingdom jumped it action, unleashing bloodshed, and Maggie and members of the Hilltop arrived to the scene as well. Yes, yes, yes, for once, Morgan participated in the revolt. Just as things looked dire, the tables have turned in favor of our heroes, Jaydis initiated her plan for escape courtesy of a flare and smoke bombs because if not, death was certainly coming her way.

The enemies were ready to run, but unfortunately Rick and the others were ready for blood, but sometimes a battle must end for the war to end. Rick was relieved to discover that Michonne survived and her attacker fell to her demise. Negan didn’t look too pleased to discover that Sasha died inside the coffin and he seemed certain that Eugene may have played a role in the surprise ambush attack.

Looks like the Saviors were forced to re-group as they prepared for war. It was a heartbreaking moment to watch Maggie take out Sasha. Rick, Ezekiel and Maggie took their rightful place as leaders of the Alexandrians, The Kingdom and The Hilltop. After what seemed like a season full of despair, fans of “The Walking Dead” finally, finally got an episode where the heroes got the opportunity to reign victorious. Negan is not dead yet, but we all know in the near future his days our outnumbered. Until October 2017 for the launch of season 8 “Walking Dead” die-hards!