Bill Cosby Fallen Prince Gasping For Air

Bill Cosby

HELLO AMERICA!—Sadly American’s favorite “dad”, Bill Cosby is not gaining positive points where one would believe he might. All the many accusations from his alleged relationship with over 20 women during his early years have dented his image terribly.

Because I knew Cosby since his “I Spy” days with the late Robert Culp, I was hoping that all the sick stories regurgitated by some very typical hungry, ambitious Tinseltown-type women might fall apart. But alas, they continue to fill the gossip pages weekly.

Ever since the huge success of The Cosby Show which introduced talented  Phylicia Rashad and opened even more awareness to such veteran actors such as Angela Bassett, Roscoe Lee Browne, Rex Ingram and Mantan Moreland.

Cosby’s show served as another instrument of “hope”. America fell in love with him and the Huxtable family that represented so much of what America was experiencing as well as the obvious social concerns with which it was being challenged as a nation.  In other words, people of all backgrounds and cultures could relate making us one “family.”

Unfortunately, 2014 has turned out being painful, cluttered with filthy, dirty stories about America’s ideal ‘daddy’ that has rocked every American household.  Cosby has been called everything from a dirty ol’ man to the worse kind of serial rapist.

Suddenly, he was dropped from every network as guest star and excluded from the list of possible new shows for the New Year.  His national tour fell apart, every major performance venue cancelled. His alleged sexual victims continue to come out to reveal their time with Cosby which, of course, gave them entrance to many of the popular television and radio talk shows.

It is no secret that Cosby through the years has given millions of dollars in support of education at various institutions. He even believed that he might garner support from the black press but even that possibility was darkened. When he during 2013 and part of 2014 criticized black parents for not being able to affect the conduct and necessary guidance to their children, it angered many who were either a single family head or experiencing a serious unemployment situation.

He appeared to have little or no sympathy or understanding for those less fortunate than himself.  This is when most Afro-Americans were turned off.  His arrogance and condescendence dimmed their affection for him.  As a result Bill Cosby is literally standing alone with the exception of his loyal and always beautiful wife Camille.

Is there a possible “comeback” for Cosby?  Well, lets face it anything is possible when it comes to the entertainment industry. The most notorious offenders have made it back, receiving a level of affection which allowed them to restore a marketable fan base. I continue to remind people they should not forget that in the end, it is all SHOWBIZ!