SAN FRANCISCO—The San Francisco Board of Supervisors Budget and Finance Committee are moving forward with the BART canopy project despite cost concerns.

The SF Board of Supervisors will vote on the project on Tuesday, July 30, but a committee made of supervisors approved the project on Wednesday, July 24. As previously reported, the canopy project will cost $91.3 million to install 21 canopies over the next seven years. The total cost includes two canopies that have already been installed at the Civic Center and Powell Street stations. 

The cost of the canopies will be covered partially by BART and the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency bond that was approved in 2014. BART will pay $46.3 million while the SFMTA bond will cover $45 million.

“It protects our escalator equipment from weather and human waste,” said Tim Chan, BART’s group manager for station planning.

The new project will allow BART to keep entrances clean and ensure escalators last longer. The canopies will protect the escalators from weather and they will have gates that lock at the street level. Security cameras and brighter LED lights are being installed for safety measures.