SAN FRANCISCO—The San Francisco Police Department announced that a body was discovered floating in a lake at Golden Gate Park on Wednesday, March 3.  

San Francisco medical examiners arrived on scene to identify the body as well as the cause of death. The identity of the man was later identified to be 45-year-old San Francisco resident, Joseph Munoz. Police say Munoz had a driver’s license from Sausalito, but lived in San Francisco. 

Police are currently still investigating Munoz’s cause of death and do not suspect the case has implications of homicide or a “suspicious death,” but hey have not ruled out homicide as an option. Authorities have stated there are no obvious signs of foul play.

Police were called to the scene at approximately 7:57 a.m. after a nearby pedestrian discovered the body in South Lake near Chain of Lakes Drive East and Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, according to SFPD Officer Grace Gatpandan.

According to a news report released by ABC7, a San Francisco local “who frequents the park” allegedly recognized Munoz and said he may have lived in the park. The witness said he had often seen Munoz sitting on a bench in the park.

This information prompted investigators to take pictures of Munoz’s potential items left on the bench as evidence. Munoz’s death is currently still under investigation, however the area has been reopened for public recreation.