SAN FRANCISCO- Since Presidents Trump’s travel ban has been introduce and rewritten. People have gone up to protest to their local government and no one noes this better than California. Recently lawyers had to explained that lately smartphones are being searched by U.S. border border patrol officers.

This new development is not just affecting those who have friends and families from the 7 ban countries. It is having a general affect and according to immigration lawyers. “No matter who you are, the border patrol officers still have the authority to ask for your phone and look through it.”

“Whether you’re a citizen or a green-card holder or you’re coming here on a visa. Border Patrol agents can look through everything, including your phone and your laptop,” Brittney Rezaei said. She is a civil rights attorney who is a member of the  Council on American-Islamic Relations. Told the San Francisco Chronicle at the meeting.

Unfortunately for immigrants and Muslim Americans, border crossings over the past two months have become increasingly stressful. Just as well people are are traveling through the Mexican border.

The San Francisco News interview an individual who has experience the recent phenomenal. They would like to remain anonymous.

” I heard what has happening in the border, coming back from visiting family in Mexico I told my family to logout of Facebook. If the the police asked for your phone be polite about it and answered their questions. My daughter was complaining that its against her right and don’t they need a court order to look through your phone.”

“I told her that the officers are doing their job to protect the country sure it might be a little extreme but its only to look for illegal information.”

Nevertheless there are those who opposed the action of the President and of the U.S Border Patrol to search through their personal information.

The SF News will update the story as the struggle progresses.