HOLLYWOOD—We are inching closer and closer to the season seven finale of the AMC hit “The Walking Dead.” Last week was a doozy for “Walking Dead” fanatics, and this week the audiences were not spared on the level of mayhem either. This week’s episode, ‘The Other Side,’ saw The Saviors make a surprise visit to The Hilltop to throw of Rick and the others. Maggie was in great spirits as she trained members of The Hilltop how to fight to survive. Sasha was also working to train residents, just as Jesus revealed schematics to The Sanctuary.

Unfortunately, it appeared that Gregory might be up to know good once again, and the contentious relationship between Sasha and Rosita continued to ignite sparks. Sasha found herself caught by Jesus and Anid as she retrieved bullets to tackle Negan. He did his best to convince Sasha and Rosita to not go after Negan, not alone, but it seemed everyone was ready to take on an army. However, they have no idea of what war might explode if they go down this path.

Anid took a stance and decided to reveal all to Maggie about the plan to go after Negan, but everything changed when The Saviors unexpectedly arrived. A game of hide-and-seek evolved where Daryl and Maggie needed to disappear as to not raise suspicions. I must admit out of all the Negan minions, Simon might be the most annoying of the bunch. He likes to throw around his authority, yet he has very little of it. Gregory was forced to deliver another performance of a lifetime to ensure he protected his community and members of Rick’s.

The journey began for Sasha and Rosita, and they differed on opinion the best approach to attack Negan, go in for the kill, or attempt to kill and die. Yeah, these two ladies will never be long-lasting pals. Anid was forced to use veggies as a distraction, and it was apparent she was rattled to say the least by Negan’s follower who infiltrated the pantry. I seriously suspected that Daryl and Maggie were about to be discovered, but I suspected death was about to transpire.

The Hilltop found themselves in a bad place as it looks like the resident doctor was about to find himself traveling to The Sanctuary. It was apparent that the doc spoke in code to Gregory to take care of Maggie. Gregory alluded to a takeover to Simon, which I think is the dumbest thing in the world; you don’t tell the enemy that a potential uprising is in the works. Maybe Gregory is not as dumb as he appears, as he got details from Simon on how to invade the Sanctuary to get closer to Negan and his crew.

Daryl was ready to attack, but Maggie stopped him from making a potentially fatal mistake. It was an emotional moment to see Daryl breakdown in front of Maggie, as he blamed himself for Glenn’s death. Rosita and Sasha ignited a fire to distract a bunch of walkers to retrieve transportation. From a distance, Sasha spotted Eugene walking the perimeter of the Sanctuary. Funny, these ladies bonded over tying knots; who knew! Finally, Rosita shared a bit about her past to Sasha to break that wall that she has put up.

At the heart of the conversation was her complicated past with Abraham, which Sasha also alluded to. Both ladies shed tears over lives lost, and their conversation was interrupted by the discovery that Dr. Carson has been brought to the Sanctuary. Negan emerged, but Eugene and his minions prevented a clear shot from being taken. The ladies were ready to invade the camp, but I suspect that might be a grave mistake!

Jesus confronted Gregory and realized that the leader of The Hilltop made threats and all is not well. Could Jesus meet the Grim Reaper before the season wraps? Its possible people, Eugene was stunned to see Rosita and Sasha who attempted to break him out. Just like the coward that he is, he cried and then retreated back to the camp. The ladies armed themselves with weaponry, just as Sasha betrayed Rosita by trapping her outside as she ventured inside the Sanctuary.

Dammit, I knew that was going to happen, the one that we suspected to bid adieu, would survive. The episode concluded with an epic shocker, as Daryl came face-to-face with Rosita. One can only assume at this point Sasha is a goner, but who knows. Until next Sunday, “Walking Dead” die-hards!