“Breaking Bad” Recap: ‘Confessions’

Jesse Pinkman

HOLLYWOOD—Episode 11 ‘Confessions’ opened with Todd (Jesse Plemons) making a confession to Walter about what transpired between himself, Lydia and their distributors. It’s almost like Todd is hoping to replace Jesse (Aaron Paul) for Mr. White, what Todd fails to realize is that Jesse is one of a kind and I have an inkling Todd and Jesse will have an epic showdown before the series wraps. Where did that blood mark on those boots come from?

Jesse seemed to warm up a bit to Hank (Dean Norris), but not too much. His facial expressions confirmed for Hank all of his suspicions. Hank admitted to Jesse that he was well aware of what Walter has been up to.  “Why don’t you try to beat it out of me? That’s your thing right,” said Jesse.  It struck a nerve with Hank, who was forced to go back to that dark place. He’s wavering; God there’s no way Jesse will divulge any information will he? Thankfully, Jesse’s lawyer, Saul, showed up in a time to rescue him.  Walter was not too pleased upon discovering that Marie (Betsy Brandt) is doing her best to sway the kids from him and Skyler (Anna Gunn).

Walter is indeed a cunning character, using his cancer diagnosis to make his son feel sympathetic for his condition and thwarted Marie’s plan. Marie blew a casket when she learned her husband has not yet divulged details about the case to his colleagues.  That woman just sees no logic in anything.  Walter’s spirits may be high, but he is indeed preparing for the worst as he recorded a video of his confession. In perhaps one of the most awkward double dates of all time, Marie, Hank, Walter and Skyler hashed out their differences regarding the children who are caught in the middle.

Marie called Walter’s bluff, just as he defended accusations against him. Skyler did her best to stand by her hubby, but it was obvious that she was uncomfortable having to choose between her sister and her meth dealing hubby.  “Just kill yourself,” whispered Marie to Walter. Hank was hell bent on bringing down Walter for his crimes, as well as Skyler if she chooses to stand by him. Before leaving the restaurant, Walter gave Hank a CD, the audience is made to believe its Hank’s confession, but in a twisted move, Walter confesses on the video that he has been murdered by his brother Hank.  Whoa, he is attempting to frame Hank for the drug empire.  Either Walter has lost his freakin’ mind or this is absolutely genius!

Hank was not too pleased when he discovered that Marie took money from Walter not knowing it was drug money.  I almost feel like Walter has been planning this all along, this guy is nothing short of a genius, which makes seeing him fall from grace that much more exciting.

Saul and Jesse waited in the soaking heat for Walter to meet them in the middle of nowhere.  Walt was none too pleased with Jesse’s latest stunt.  Jesse revealed all to Walt about Hank’s intentions. Walt did his best to shake his comrade from his deep depression.  Perhaps, Jesse should become a new person? Sounds good, but not going to work; there is just way too much evil that has been done to reinvent himself.

Jesse unleashed some rage onto Walter; quite an emotional performance from Paul.  Would Walter really kill Jesse to save himself? Jesus, I would hope not, but now that I think about it, it’s very possible.  Jesse is like the son that Walt never had.  I feel another Emmy nomination is in the near future for Mr. Paul, sensational acting to say the least. Walter’s BFF, made a game-changing move to decide to leave town, but I have a feeling Jesse has a back-up plan intact, thinkingAlaskawould be the place to go.

Mr. Pinkman panicked when he realized he discovered the betrayal that Walter implemented with his cigarettes.  Things are about to get dicey! Jesse went on a violent spree beating Saul to a pulp and pulling a gun on him about the Ricin cigarette that nearly killed his girlfriend’s son.  Saul made a call to Walter about a big problem looming with Jesse.  Walt stormed into the car wash concerned about his wife’s safety. He retrieved his gun that was stashed inside the soda machine. The episode ended with Jesse storming inside Walter’s home and dosing the place with gasoline.  Evil vs. evil, any guesses who will win?  Next Sunday will be good “Breaking Bad” enthusiasts!

By LaDale Anderson