HOLLYWOOD—It was the bombshell that had audiences gasping.  “Pretty Little Liars” for the second summer in a row, went out with an explosive bang for its finale with the revelation that Ezra (Ian Harding) is “A!”  Yes, hearts all over the world are shattering right now.  Hands down the biggest twist ever!!! Let’s go back a bit though. That wasn’t the only twist.  Alison (Sasha Pieterse) is alive!

Episode 12 cleverly titled “Now You See Me, Now You Don’t” involved Hanna (Ashley Benson), Aria (Lucy Hale), Spencer (Troian Bellisario) and Emily (Shay Mitchell) taking a trip to the creepy town of Ravenswood.  Hanna was a mess about her mom being forced to appear in a police line-up to perhaps be identified as Wilden’s killer.  Each of the ladies received an 8-ball with words that indicated, “If she goes free you’ll here from me,” said A. Either “A” was sending a threat or indicating there’s more to the story.  Travis got cold feet after being forced to identify the woman he saw leaving the lake where Wilden was shot.

Aria and Ezra (Ian Harding) are looking to patch up their relationship to some degree, but it appears she is moving forward with Jake. I wonder if he told her that Malcolm is not his son. Ashley (Laura Leighton) thanked Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) for taking care of Hanna in her darkest times.  Hanna was elated to discover that the charges against her mother were dropped. Paige (Lindsey Shaw) showed concern for Emily begging her to stay the night at her house to ensure her safety.  Spencer discovered what happens when she betrays Toby (Keegan Allen) as he ignored her phone calls.

The ladies received another package from “A” at Hanna’s house, which was a kid’s coffin.  Inside there was a doll that looked like Mona (Janel Parrish).  “A” has implemented a plan to possibly frame the liars for Mona’s murder! This can’t be happening; could the liars’ nemesis be attempting to kill their frenemy? A sketch was released indicating that CeCe (Vanessa Ray) may have been responsible for Wilden’s death, but I think that’s way too easy.  She didn’t do it, I’m not buying it.  The liars were stunned to realize that Mona was no longer a patient at Radley. Spencer paid Wren (Julian Morris) a visit at his home, but all she found were several pieces of luggage and spotted someone in the window; it was Shana (Ariel Miranda).

The French club was not too happy that Mona was a no-show to their event to welcome her back.  Toby rummaged threw old belongings from his mother, but he spotted an up to no good Shana leaving the coffee house.  He found a piece of paper indicating that Shana, Wren and Melissa are perhaps working together. I always knew something sneaky was up with Wren. Spencer was not too happy when she learned the news involving her sister courtesy of Toby.  It was a treat to see the couple, put behind their issues to not allow “A” to tear them apart.

Jake (Ryan Guzman) wasn’t into Aria’s old movie classics like former boyfriend Ezra was.  Hmmm, there is a possibility that Jake and Aria don’t have much in common. Aria met Ezra at the coffee house to discuss storytelling.  It looks like the couple will soon be back together Ezria fans as they shared a kiss and ‘Red Coat” saw it?  Guess what’s going to happen next?  Caleb and Hanna camped out in front of Mona’s house, just as Paige kept Emily under her wing.

The ladies continued to worry about Mona’s whereabouts and received another package from “A,” this time it was a magic trick “Watch me make a girl disappear,” A. They realized that they were apart of the latest plan.  Toby and Caleb decided to team up to discover the whereabouts on Mona.  Toby discovered a blue vehicle leaving Mona’s residence, which was being driven by Shana.  Ravenswood is indeed one creepy town.  The magician wanted Aria to be a part of his trick, but she was a bit hesitant. The ladies then realized that Emily was missing, and “A” was responsible for her disappearance.

Emily called the ladies indicating that she was locked in a coffin and perhaps on the verge of being sawed in half.  ‘Red Coat’ entered the same premises, as the ladies rushed against time to save Emily before she was sliced in half.  Lucky for the ladies ‘Red Coat’ stopped the mill, but the girls were stunned to discover there were TWO ‘Red Coats.’ That was indeed a twist I did not see coming! Nice surprise “PLL” writers.

Aria had an epic battle with one of the red coats and discovered it was CeCe who was wearing the mask. Who knew Aria had such fighting skills, thankfully Jake was in her corner.  Aria attempted to save CeCe, but she fell to the ground. Spencer went chasing after the other ‘Red Coat.’ Just when the ladies thought CeCe was dead, she disappeared into thin air. Spencer was certain the ‘Red Coat’ she followed was Alison.  They entered what appeared to be “A’s” lair.  The information was quite explosive. Hanna decided to steal what appeared to be a diary and discovered that “A” was monitoring the police, the streets and their alarm systems. Inside the lair, someone was seen spying on the ladies.  Toby spotted Shana delivering something to Mona who was very alive.

Hanna called Caleb for assistance to crack “A’s” computer system.  Spencer located “A’s” bank account which appears to an organization.  They discovered that “A” could perhaps be a guy, as suits were located in the closet.  Emily discovered photos of Alison from some older guy and Aria discovered that “A” was following Alison also. So it looks like Alison may indeed be alive!  The ladies ran into Mrs. Grunswald who warned the girls to not chase after Alison, to protect her.  She revealed that Alison was afraid of someone and luckily Mrs. Grunswald was able to foresee the future.

Mrs. Grunswald drove to Rosewood the night Alison was supposedly murdered. She was the person who pulled Alison from the grave!  Wow!  This is so twisted.  She took Alison to the hospital who suffered a severe injury to her head, but Alison disappeared.  Mrs. Grunswald has confirmed what we’ve suspected all along.  She made Hanna think that the liars can’t be trusted.  Is it possible that one of them were responsible for Ali’s death? I’m starting to think so, and my top suspect is SPENCER!  She warned the ladies that ‘he’ was watching them and hoping the liars would lead ‘him’ to Alison.  I have a feeling that “A” is none other than Ezra.  I’m calling it right now and I believe it.

The episode ended with an epic twist where the ladies decided to attend the Halloween party as they were spotted by the mystery figure dressed in black who was revealed to be Ezra! Aria’s love toy is “A!!!!”  That was an explosive reveal best twist ever “PLL.”  Someone then dressed up in a gas mask to attend the Halloween party. I feel so happy my prediction was correct, but even more surprises are in store for the audience I am certain.

It looks like Ezra was the beach hottie, but the bigger question is what role Mona, Shana, Melissa and Wren plays in this chaos?  God its going to be a long time before season four picks back up in January 2014, thankfully we have the Halloween episode on October 22.  It’s been one helluva summer “PLL” fanatics, until October.

By LaDale Anderson