“Breaking Bad” Recap: ‘Ozymandias’

Walter White

HOLLYWOOD—Well we all knew the shootout at the end of the last episode wasn’t going to turn out good.  Episode 14 “Ozymandias” picked up precisely where its predecessor left off, leaving “Breaking Bad” enthusiasts in a frenzy. A flashback scene showed Jesse (Aaron Paul) and Walter (Bryan Cranston) in the good ole days making meth together. Wow, it’s been an evolution for both of those characters since the series begin.  Both had hair then, compared to now.

While Jesse and Walter sought refuge in vehicles as a hail of bullets came their way, Hank (Dean Norris) was an utter mess after discovering his colleague dead. Todd (Jesse Plemons) went searching for Jesse who went M.I.A., just as Walt begged Jack to spare Hank’s life. Hank was not too pleased with the offer that was being dealt to him.  Walt begged Jack to take the deal which would provide him with more than $80 million.

Unfortunately for Walter, his begging dealt the fatal blow of the series with HANK being shot dead! I really didn’t expect the series to go that route, but you better believe Jack and his gang will pay for this. The gang took Walt’s money and then buried Hank and his colleague, but not before Walt declared war. He didn’t say it, but the look on his face screamed vengeance.  Damn, I’m rooting for Walt all of sudden to avenge his family, especially Marie (Betsy Brandt) who will be an emotional wreck.

While everyone thought Jesse had fled the scene, Walt spotted him underneath a car and gave up his location out of spite. I’m screaming at the screen, “Is this really about to happen? Is Jesse about to meet his maker at the hands of Jack and Todd?”  Jesse begged for his life, just as Mr. White admitted that he watched Jane overdose and die. He dealt another fatal blow to Jesse.  Is this Walt’s way of playing some sort of psychological torture to his student? Jack’s crew took Jesse hostage, but I have a feeling this may be part of Walt’s plan. Our anti-hero was in a bit of a daze, he took his last remaining barrel of money to a locale in the middle of nowhere.

Skyler (Anna Gunn) was surprised to see Marie stop by the car wash to have a chat.  Marie dropped a bombshell on Skyler by letting her know that Walt has been arrested. Both sisters are at a crossroad in their relationship; Marie has lost her husband and has no idea how much she will need her sister.  Skyler has no idea of the situation that is impending. Marie was adamant that Skyler inform her son about the situation.

Thank God, Jesse wasn’t killed, but locked away in some sort of cage, just as Todd invited him to see the newly built meth lab.  Walt Jr. (RJ Mitte) took the news about his father not too well.  He was an emotional wreck; full of rage and called out his mother on her antics.  Walt in a panic rushed home to pack up all of his family’s things, just as the family headed home. Walt Jr. and Skyler were stunned to see Walt at the house, just as his family wanted answers to the impending situation.  She questioned Walt about Hank’s whereabouts.  Her gut instinct told her something was not right, and it was confirmed!

She continued to push to know about Hank’s whereabouts and discovered that Walt killed her brother-in-law. This family is indeed falling apart and Skyler did the unthinkable by pulling a knife on Walt and forcing him to leave the home. She then attacked her hubby with the knife slicing his hand.  It was a tense fight that forced the mother and son to team up against Walt.  Walt Jr. then reported his father to the authorities, but not before he took their daughter.  An emotional Skyler literally unleashed a mother’s worst fear, in some stellar acting from the actress.

Walter was stunned when his daughter, Holly cried for her ‘mama.’ It was indeed a touching moment where I felt Walt would do the right thing and return the child. He phoned home and made threats to his wife, as the police attempted to track the call.  He unleashed some rage onto his wife, just as everyone listened in. He made some grave threats including killing her!  She begged her hubby to reveal Hank’s whereabouts, but he refused.

Wow, just when you begin to root for the guy, he does a 360 that forces the audience to hate his guts again.  Walt decided to drop off Holly at the Albuquerque Fire Department.  Well he did do one thing right this episode.  He then fled off into the sunset. Where did Walt go, I’m guessing we’ll discover next week?  Only two episodes remain before the series finale “Breaking Bad” enthusiasts!

By LaDale Anderson