HOLLYWOOD—Well, will they or won’t they? That is the question of the hour on the CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful.” This week kicked off the festivities that would lead up to the wedding of the century between Bill Spencer and Brooke Logan-Forrester. Yes, Brooke has been married more times than I can count people. However, there is a bit of an ulterior motive with this wedding. Brooke, just slightly repaired her relationship with her sister Katie, after secretly hooking up with her husband, Bill for the second time.

I was quite surprised to see Brooke and Bill rekindle their relationship so quickly. That is beyond the point, because Brooke is facing immense pressure from multiple parties to marry Bill as soon as possible, so that she can get her hands on Bill’s shares in Forrester Creations. Why is that important? It gives Ridge the leverage he needs to overthrow Eric as CEO and oust Quinn once and for all. Knowing that Bill is oblivious that Brooke might still have a torch for Ridge is stunning. I mean these former lovers, who I believe are destined to be together, just shared a steamy kiss.

Ridge made it clear: he had reservations about his ex-wife walking down the aisle with his nemesis. A bit of a surprise people, a surprise, because even Rick, who can’t stand Ridge on his best days, could tell that his brother still had feelings for his mother. So both Rick and RJ are eager to get Ridge to stop this farce of a wedding, but would it work? Time will tell, which raises the question, what will Bill do if he discovers that Brooke hoodwinked him with this marriage and her heart still belonging to his rival, what tactics of revenge would Bill resort to teach not only Ridge a lesson, but Brooke and everyone else involved in the chaos. Ridge bursts into the room as Brooke was getting ready to walk down the aisle with Bill and professed his love for her. Brooke was speechless, just speechless, that is TWICE, and Ridge has now interrupted a wedding between Brooke and Bill for the second time.

The wedding was not one well attended because with only Justin, Wyatt, Donna, Alison, Brooke and Bill in attendance it was clear that only those who approved of this marriage would be participants. Oh, and such a classic moment seeing Da’Vonne, Paul and Victor from “Big Brother 18” take part in the festivities. Anyone a fan of the CBS reality-competition series was well aware that Paul had some of the best one-liners including ‘Head of Household’ and his signature phrase, ‘friendship.’

While this wedding might be the big news of the week leading into November sweeps, another big storyline brewing is the return of surrogacy for Maya, Rick, Nicole and Zende. Seeing Rick and Maya even have the guts to ask Nicole who literally just got her body back after being a surrogate to them less than a year ago, ask her to carry another baby for them was crazy, I mean seriously crazy. What was more frustrating was watching Maya and Rick act as if they would be totally comfortable if she said, no, but it’s apparent they want her to say yes.

Watching the look on Zende’s face, when he heard Rick and Maya ask for a second time for his girlfriend to carry a baby for them was epic. He was seething red, and Nicole could totally tell. Would she actually jeopardize her relationship with Zende, after they finally repaired things with the entire Sasha debacle? Sure looks like she is considering surrogacy again to give Lizzie, a little brother or sister. Zende has voiced his concerns to Sasha, who might be on the prowl yet again, after things fizzled with Thomas courtesy of Caroline’s return to Los Angeles.

We have to discuss the ramifications of Quinn and Eric’s marriage, which has led to the dissolution of Wyatt’s relationship with Steffy. She sure hopped back into bed with Liam in a matter of like a day or two people. Like I said, Wyatt was convenience for Steffy, her heart always belonged to Liam, so I can only imagine what might transpire, if Wyatt and Ivy hooked up? Better yet, what if Hope made an unexpected return back to Los Angeles? Can you imagine the madness people?

With November sweeps kicking off next week, it looks like a wedding, a reunion and a surrogacy will be hot button storylines for weeks to come.