Bruce Bochy Returns After Surgery


SCOTTSDALE—Just three days removed from a heart procedure, Bruce Bochy returned to the Giants spring training action.

Fresh off his third World Series championship as San Francisco’s manager, even an ailing ticker couldn’t keep Bochy away from the team, which boasts a new cast of intriguing toys.

Bochy, 59, had two stents placed in his heart on February 19. Told to keep away from the ballpark, Bochy was back in his office on Saturday.

Bruce Bochy
Bruce Bochy has quietly had a historic run in San Francisco.

Bochy underwent the procedure following the recommendation of team physician Robert Murray and trainer Dave Groeschner.

He has a family history of heart disease. His father passed from heart problems in 1990.

“I kind of felt guilty sitting out for two days. But Ronnie (Wotus) has been here and I knew it would go like clockwork. Guys like him and the entire staff make it so much easier,” said Bochy.

Back on the sideline, Bochy will return to keeping the wheels of the Giants current dynasty churning, a task he will have to accomplish without fan favorites Pablo “Panda” Sandoval and slugger Michael Morse.

“I couldn’t feel any better,” said Bochy. “I am grateful for the doctors and want to thank all the well-wishers who sent me messages.”