CALIFORNIA—On Monday, July 20, California Governor Gavin Newsom announced new guidelines for salons, barbershops, and other personal care businesses to reopen outdoors. He announced that in order to let these businesses continue their operations outside, he has waived statewide licensing regulations so that businesses who were previously forced to close can now service their customers outside, as long as they adhere to public health rules.

Newsom temporarily bypassed a California law which states that barbering and cosmetology services must be performed in a licensed establishment in order to let these businesses remain open outdoors.

The announcement comes after Newsom’s order to shutdown indoor businesses last week was met by backlash from owners of such businesses across the state, who expressed fears that some of their businesses might not be able to financially make it through a second shutdown. 

“It was our intention to provide for barbershops and the likes to do their work outdoors. It turns out that was more challenging than it may have appeared, but the good news is we have new guidelines out now,” said Governor Newsom during a news conference on July 20.

All hair salons, massage centers, facial boutiques and nail salons will be able to take their businesses outside starting July 20. Tattoo and piercing parlors must still remain closed due to strict hygiene and public health requirements.  Under the new guidelines, personal care businesses may provide their services outside under an outdoor tent, canopy, or other kinds of sun shelters.

No more than one side is allowed to be closed on these shelters, in order to allow for “sufficient outdoor movement.” Employees and clients must wear masks at all times, stations must be spaced at least 6 feet from each other, frequent disinfecting must take place, and the amount of clients and employees gathered together at once should be limited and spaced out to allow for social distancing.