HOLLYWOOD—I had my suspicions, but things were confirmed for me in the past week on the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless.” A new threat is in town, and I mean a threat because Cameron Kirsten (Linden Ashby) is back to cause stress, terror and mayhem. This is a character that stalked Sharon Rosales for years and attempted to sexually assault her. Sharon was lucky to fight off her attacker and whack him with a champagne bottle that she thought killed him.

Nope, he lived and stalked her, before he was later arrested and carted off to prison. Cameron is out and the threat he has levied to Sharon, the Newman clan and anyone close to her is gargantuan. He sent those gifts, which Nick warned his ex and the mother of Faith something was off, but that was confirmed when one of the gifts forced Sharon to recall her past with Chance who is now aware of the threat. Now I will admit I thought, Chance and Sharon would build their bond because of this impending storyline (and that is still possible), but I see the writers angle to bond Sharon and Nick.

Look, there are those soap opera couples who are destined to be together, Luke and Laura from “General Hospital,” Bo and Hope from “Days of Our Lives,” Ridge and Brooke from “The Bold and the Beautiful’ and Sharon and Nick from “The Young and the Restless” is part of that list. Those two are destiny, even though it doesn’t feel like that right at this moment that seems like the endgame people, and I want to see that transpire.

That scene of Kirsten stopping by Sharon’s place of business sent her into absolute terror. She couldn’t believe this dangerous foe was back to inflict more mayhem and the threat couldn’t be larger. Why? Sharon doesn’t have a lover at the moment, she has daughters, Faith and Mariah, she also has a granddaughter, and it seems Cameron is aware of it all. It took Nick restraining himself with everything in him from pummeling Cameron, and to be honest, I would not have resisted if a threat like that was posed to one of my loved ones.

This is when you wish the police would stop focusing so much on evidence and see what is right in front of them. This happens all the TIME on TV, and sometimes in real life as well. Chance is already following the evidence, but look at Sharon! Do you not see the emotional rollercoaster and terror on her face when this guy is mentioned? She is frozen with fear that should tell you everything you need to know. This guy killed a pet and then you have a security guard who went missing and his clothing stolen. Sometimes you have to forget about the evidence and follow the reality of the situation which is clear as night and day people.

Get a guard to be camped outside her house, ensure her family members are in close proximity. I mean Cameron already chatted with Faith who was unaware of the threat, then you have Sally who had a run-in with the guy unaware of the danger, then you have other family members and friends who are slowly learning about the danger that has come to their doorstep. Cameron levied another threat after killing one of Faith’s pets in horrific fashion. If that is not a sign of the danger people, I don’t know what else is, but this narrative is ripe for all sorts of drama and fantastic writing and acting for the portrayers. Please do right “The Young and the Restless” scribes.

In other GC news, Phyllis Summers has been exposed. How so? Um, Kyle Abbott, who has been suspicious of his wife Summer for quite some time. Kyle busted Summer and Daniel, who stupidly thought hiding Phyllis right in the heart of GC at a place so many staple characters flock to was a good idea. No it was not, not even close people. Kyle knows the truth that Summer has known about Phyllis’ survival for some time and kept if from him therefore placing Diane in a situation where she could have been out of jail a lot sooner.

The stress this is going to cause in Kyle and Summer’s marriage is gargantuan. However, I don’t feel bad if Kyle and Summer split! Summer stole Kyle from his first wife in a series of duplicitous acts. She is indeed Phyllis’ daughter and she learned from the best. So any consequences she faces she earned them. Do I think Diane Jenkins is a saint? Not even close people and I’m over the writers doing their best to act like Diane didn’t commit an unspeakable crime years back by faking her death and staying gone long enough so that she wouldn’t face any criminal charges, Phyllis not so much.

This storyline I have to chat about because I am so confused and trying to understand this. Audra and Nate are trying to con the Newman clan out of their business empire, with Nate seducing/romancing Victoria. Look, Victoria is not the best in the love department, but did Nate see how things unfolded with Ashland Locke? Victor Newman is a man you don’t want to make an enemy out of, and the fact that Nate didn’t learn his lesson after trying to screw over Devon and Lily, he will learn this time around, which scares me to the death. This might be the end of Nate Hastings as we know, as for Audra, I expect her to face the music real soon, and she will not even see it coming, as it seems Tucker is all in with Ashley as they are engaged to get married again. Not to mention she is planning a coup with the family company which has Jack worried, so much he’s wooing Billy to his side.

Billy is indeed in a precarious situation because neither Jack nor Ashley are with individuals who haven’t committed unspeakable deeds in their past. Hell, if there is anyone who should be running the company its Traci. She seems to be the most level minded of all the children of Jack Abbott. We shall see how things unfold on “Y&R!”