UNITED STATES—America right now is at a boiling point. There is so much hate and decisiveness in this country it is hard to watch TV, listen to the radio or just talk to people. Right now, if someone disagrees with you on a particular issue they automatically become an enemy. America we are better than this and we have to be better than this. Yes, there is dangerous rhetoric and dialogue out there in the country. I have always been a proponent that violence or hate in speech is NOT acceptable I don’t care who you are or what your race is. Hate is hate people.

With that said, when it comes to politics it makes you say do I really want to have that conversation people? It’s a touchy subject, as is religion. My grandmother and grandfather before they passed both said if there are two topics you never discuss with family or complete strangers its religion and politics because some people don’t know how to keep their emotions in check.

However, I don’t think we should shy away from controversial issues. The problem with so many Americans is we DO NOT LISTEN! We always want to get our point across and that is sometimes involves being loud, yelling, stomping our feet and throwing a fit if someone is not fully listening to what you’re saying. So tell me again people how do you accomplish anything behaving that way? The answer is simple: you do not. If you’re a Democrat, listen to the opposing argument of a Republican. If you’re a Republican, listen to the opposing argument from a Democrat.

You cannot just dismiss someone who has opposing viewpoints as you do. That is the problem with so many of us. If someone doesn’t agree with us, we automatically cut them out of our lives or don’t listen to anything they have to say. Watch and listen to opposing viewpoints, open up the dialogue to where you are NOT completely cut off from other perspectives.

However at the same time, you CANNOT shove your opinion or thoughts down another person’s throat. There are some people who just think they’re right and no matter what you say or do, they will always be right and their goal is to convince you they are right at all costs. That is a problem people because you’re not LISTENING, you screaming your point and that is not going to give you any leeway. You can be friends with people who have opposing viewpoints compared to you. You don’t have to be vile or vicious in your delivery or how you talk to people. Be calm, be collected and ensure that you listen, but at the same time present another viewpoint your pal or friend or hell a complete stranger may not have been privy to.

In the news arena, you have people who only watch CNN or FOX News. They don’t varietize their new content and when you fail to do that you sometimes only receive half of the story, not the complete story and that is an absolute bummer to say the least people. Some news stations or left leaning or right leaning and sometimes only report what they think their viewers want to hear and watch, but news isn’t supposed to be biased America, right?

Well that doesn’t seem to be the case in today’s climate. Hell, the same echoes with religion. Some religions celebrate certain things that others do not, but let’s be clear: no religion is perfect America. All have hiccups, all believe or embrace things that others do not, that does not mean they’re 100 percent right or 100 percent wrong, it is simply a different perspective so open your eyes to see them. That is with any conversation you have with someone who doesn’t agree with you. Can you imagine a world where everyone had the same ideas and thoughts? It would NOT be an interesting world to live in people.

Written By Zoe Mitchell