HOLLYWOOD—I suspected this a few weeks ago, which is making me realize more and more each day that my creative mind is quite elevated to say the least. The war between Carly and Nelle on “General Hospital” has been ongoing for months. This is ever since Carly learned the truth about Nelle’s reasoning for arriving in Port Charles. Simply put, she wanted to destroy Carly and her family, but never expected herself to develop feelings for Michael. The one thing about Carly that EVERYONE should be fully aware of is that this woman holds a grudge unlike any other. If you cross her, she’ll NEVER forgive you. Just ask Ava Jerome, America.

Nelle’s latest plot is to drive Carly mentally bonkers by giving her the impression that Morgan might still be alive. The moment that I saw that phone number that Carly noticed on her caller ID, I pegged exactly where this story was headed. Nelle is going to make Carly think Morgan is alive and as a result her mental state will be questioned, putting her in a fragile state of mind. This is imperative because this also works in favor for Ava who could possibly regain custody of her daughter Avery from Sonny. I hate to say this, but Ava doesn’t deserve to be around any kids after all the chaos she has caused so many people in town. She confessed her love for Griffin, however, he was not able to reciprocate those feelings to his new lover. Ava you are standing in the path of your own happiness with your devious misdeeds.

I may not love the character of Ava, but even Ava won’t be thrilled with Nelle’s latest plan. Why? Morgan was dear to her and to play on a mother’s heartstrings regarding the death of a child is a bit much. Also considering that Ava played a role in Morgan’s demise will not bode well with this woman. Not even Ava would stoop that low, which means it looks like “GH” might be setting the stage for Nelle’s grand farewell. I can without a doubt see the friction exploding between Nelle and Ava, once Ava learns just exactly what Nelle’s masterplan is to bring down Carly.

It is interesting to see Sonny grapple with his father Mike’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, which is a similar storyline that was previously explored on the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless.” It is nice to see “GH” tackle such a topic that seems to be ambivalent on daytime soap operas nowadays. Ava has got to just be eating this up with the revelation that Sonny’s dad is responsible for destroying some priceless art pieces. It looks like a new detective has swooped into town, unaware of the many connections that exist between the people in Port Charles, and is already ruffling feathers with Dante (his partner), Sonny and so many others.

Now that Ned has become the new Mayor of Port Charles, it’s just a matter of time before the shady dealings involving Jim Harvey is about to come out. Franco and Liz are preparing to walk down the aisle, but it seems Jim himself and Franco have a sordid past, and whatever Franco has blocked out is about to see the day of light and it does not look pretty at all.

Of course the fallout from Nathan West’s death is still delivering aftereffects America. Maxie is still attacking everyone, and of course she gets a pass because she just lost the love of her life. However, who would have expected Peter aka Heinrich to be the person to be her knight in shining armor. Yes, Nathan’s brother, Faison’s secret child and Anna’s long-lost son, is helping Maxie through a difficult time and the bond is growing people. If anything I expected Peter to build a bond with Lulu, but it appears the writers are heading in another direction. This is interesting because Maxie exploded on Nelle, the town pariah during their baby breathing class, with Nina in attendance. Remember, Nina is not a fan of Nelle’s after her ploy to blackmail Valentin.

Speaking of Valentin, I still cannot believe this guy is playing with fire, by constantly having these interactions with Peter as if they are complete strangers. Um, you’re not, you know one another very well, and the fact that you can charade around town as if you had nothing to do with the Jason/Drew mix-up and Nathan’s demise is astonishing. I mean Faison definitely is dead, and as a result Anna learned he had Huntington’s disease and it could be genetic. So Maxie’s bundle of joy, as well as Peter could be candidates for the disease.