HOLLYWOOD—I truly did not expect Nina to pull the trigger on “General Hospital,” but to be honest Carly Spencer deserved it. I mean the constant gloating about Nina being responsible for her frazzled relationship with Willow was the nail in the coffin. Nina can sometimes be her worst enemy, but you cannot tell me seeing Carly arrested at Michael’s wedding was not satisfying. The fact that Carly FINALLY was forced to face the music was well worth the wait.

However, it would have been great if that bomb was dropped in a more dramatic fashion that also involved Drew. Per usual, Sonny as much as Carly hates him came to her aide and caused a misdirect on the SEC’s trail to locate Drew. Carly was appreciative, just as Michael pointed the finger at Ned, who was the first to disclose to Carly and Drew they could be in big trouble for potential insider trading. As a result, the two have distanced themselves as much as possible from the public sphere, keeping their relationship under wraps as much as possible. The problem is Nina connected the dots with Ava’s help. She didn’t want to spill the tea out of respect for her quest to build something with Willow.

Drew, who is in Greenland with Curtis, Laura and Valentin, is out of the woods for now, but when he returns to Port Charles he could be forced to face the music. Truth be told Drew and Curtis are there simply because the writers needed to find something for them to do. Victor Cassadine’s masterplan all along was to release a pathogen killing thousands perhaps millions of people, while protecting only his family in the process.

Yeah, that totally makes sense why Victor was all about the Cassadine clan remaining strong. Sorry, but this reveal was just so dismal for me. I wanted something grand from a villain like Victor who is one of the best the soap has seen since the iconic Helena Cassadine, who is expected to make a return for May Sweeps. We all know the end is near for Victor, but the question will soon become who is going to take out Victor once and for all, will there be any casualties as a result and who will become the next big villain to take center stage?

It seems like Valentin or Laura will be the ones to end Victor’s reign of terror, but something tells me a twist is about to come into play that is going to blow Port Charles to disarray. However, Valentin was injected with the pathogen and it is not looking good, but I suspect Liesl may have intentionally done that to throw Victor off.

Willow’s time is near people, and it is not looking good at all. It appears that Dr. Liesl Obrecht will make it back to town just in time to save her niece’s life with a bone marrow transplant. This will be vital for Nina and Willow’s relationship moving forward, as well as Michael and Sonny. Michael knows Sonny just did a solid for Carly with the SEC and now, Dex planted that video to capture Sonny on tape with the Pikeman deal. Yeah, it is no secret that Willow wants Michael to mend his relationship with Sonny as her ordeal has proven that time is short people, but Michael spilled the truth to Willow cause her condition to worsen. Hmm, this might be the thing that forces Michael to reevaluate his plans, just as Dex spilled to Josslyn things are a go to take down Sonny.

If the writers are trying to make us like Dex, Michael and Josslyn, the exact opposite is occurring for viewers. We dislike these characters even more. Why the hell would I care for a new character who is actively backstabbing a fan favorite who actually saved his life, um, I’m not people, I absolutely am not. Do I think Dex will be spared in some crazy twist that involves Josslyn? Absolutely, but at the same time I wouldn’t shed a tear if he died either.

When this betrayal hits, the ripple effects are going to be huge, and I don’t think Josslyn, Dex and Michael realize how many enemies they’re about to have, even though they think otherwise. Dex and Joss think all will be well, and Michael is learning the hard way there are consequences for your actions.  Joss really should be concerned about how Spencer will react to this because I don’t even think Trina will be on her besties side when this truth comes to light.

Curtis, Laura and Drew arrived on the Haunted Star and did battle with Victor’s goons, as Spencer created a distraction to allow Trina to escape. Are any of them going to die? I doubt it, it would be fitting if “GH” did have a casualty and show they’re not afraid to amp the stakes, I mean it is May Sweeps people.