SAN FRANCISCO—The GLBT Historical Society Museum announced they will begin in-person visits starting on October 1 for members only and on October 3 for the general public, following city and state regulations.

According to the museum’s website, policy changes include all visitors making reservations online in advance. Tickets will be limited at hourly intervals, with a maximum of 5 visitors for each hour of visiting, and a limit to 25 percent of total capacity for daily museum attendance. The museum is currently unavailable for tours, in-person events and private rentals.

The museum’s permanent exhibition, Queer Past Becomes Present, has been displayed in its main gallery. The topic presents the transformation of queer from history to present and building upon a community to embrace differences.

“Among the objects on display are personal belongings of Harvey Milk, the first openly gay elected official in California; publications related to lesbian activists Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon; a costume worn by activist and entertaining legend José Sarria, the first openly gay man to run for public office in the United States; and photos, documents, and artifacts telling the amazing stories of over a century of everyday queer life among the diverse populations of San Francisco. Multimedia exhibits include historical film, video and audio,” the museum stated.

With limited capacity and business hours, a staff member from the gallery told the San Francisco News that on October 6 they had a total of 6 visitors on the same day, and they were closing early. For more information about business hours, visit The GLBT Historical Society Museum.