UNITED STATES—In a few short days one of the busiest days for eating out, purchasing flowers, candies, clothing, jewelry and so many other things will dawn on us. No, I’m not talking about Christmas; I’m referring to Mother’s Day. It is a big holiday where we take a few moments to show appreciation to the woman who brought us into the world. People spend a lot of money on Mother’s Day, more than Father’s Day, birthdays, Christmas and all those other hallmark holidays that we have in this world.

I know for a fact that I stress out majorly every year around Mother’s Day. It’s not an easy task to find a gift for someone who in your opinion has almost everything. I used to think Mother’s Day was all about getting something nice for mom, but in reality I don’t think my mom even wants that. I think most moms want a piece of mind or better yet some alone time. You deal with kids, work and stress all year long; to get the opportunity to have 24 hours to yourself is like the best Christmas gift ever.

Of course, I would love to take my mom out to brunch, lunch or dinner for that matter, but there is one problem: she has to work! Gosh, I can’t even recall the last Mother’s Day that my mom actually had off. I get so frustrated that I want to punch a window at times. I like to celebrate holidays because time on this planet with your loved ones is precious; you never know when their time is up. So I expect the malls to be packed with people this weekend; I expect the notion of getting a reservation at any restaurant to be impossible. Get those cards early, don’t wait till the last minute to get those flowers and jewelry will indeed be a hot commodity.

Is what you spend important? I don’t believe so, but there are plenty of people who would argue otherwise. Moms care about the thought process going into buying a gift if you so choose to do so. Give a bit of thought, do something original; do something that you haven’t done before. Don’t give mom the typical treatment that you’ve given in the past.

Surprise her, do something outside the box that catches her off guard, but in a good way. Mother’s Day is about having a moment and if you do something that creates an epic memory for your mother, it is something that she will never forget. That is something you want CREATING A MEMORY! Gifts come and go, but memories can last a lifetime. So do something you normally don’t to show mom that you really care. If you don’t always say, “I love you,” now might be the time to actually say it. What are you afraid of? Someone saying it back to you?

Moms, matter, I just wish this say level of love is shown for dads. I always feel like dads get the short-end of the stick when Father’s Day ushers itself in. I guess it all boils down to who does all the heavy lifting and we have to pass that torch to mom without a question.

Written By Kelsey Thomas