UNITED STATES—I will admit I am someone who likes a routine. When I have a system in place I don’t like to see adjustments made to that system because I’ve worked hard to implement something that works well for me people. I think I get annoyed when a system that is nearly error proof gets completely upended because someone at my place of business thinks their system works better. Ok, stop pause for a moment. I am all about collaboratively working with others. However, I do have an issue when someone throws out an idea, but has little to no knowledge in the particular department where they are implementing these so called changes.

Why? You might think something works better, but you’re not considering or asking for the feedback from those working in that particular department day in and day out. In the workplace, having a system to complete tasks is always important. Why? It makes the job easier. Anything you can do to make your job easy that is something that you want on a daily basis. Why? It increases productivity, and if you increase productivity that is always a plus for revenue.

Every company is in business for one reason and one reason only: revenue. If you’re not making a profit you’re not making business work in your favor, which means change has to be implemented because whatever you’re doing at the moment is not currently working. Yeah, we might be talking about change when it comes to business, but guess what that is life as well.

The scariest thing in life is experiencing change. That may include moving to a new city, starting a new job, limiting conversations with family members that cause your stress levels to skyrocket, having a baby, dating, the list goes on and on. Change is part of our lives. Just imagine if we all did the same thing over and over and over again and nothing ever changed people. What does that mean? It means your life is pretty boring people and boring is nothing anyone wants.

Change also forces us to face challenges. See what things we are good at and what things we are NOT good at people. When you discover a tactic that you thought worked did not work, you go back to the drawing board to try something anew. I think for kids, teens and young adults change is something they look forward to. However, for those of us who are adults, handling real-life responsibilities we don’t want change because it creates a massive disruption to our orbit. When that orbit is thrown off it leaves to massive chaos across the board which is never, and I mean never a good thing. Why? You’re working twice as hard to get that orbit back on track.

However, sometimes you need that bit of a push to force you to try new things people. When you try new things you sometimes discover success that you never expected or imagined to begin with.

Written By Zoe Mitchell