SAN FRANCISCO—On Wednesday, October 20, the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office announced a grand jury indictment on 12 charges, including kidnapping, robbery, and carjacking, against German Morazan for an incident in which he allegedly carjacked a DoorDash delivery driver and drove away with his two children, a one-year-old and a four-year-old.

Assistant District Attorney Michele Brass presented this case to a grand jury last week. The grand jury indicted Morazan on each count presented to them:

-Kidnapping During a Carjacking (Felony, Penal Code 209.5(a))

-Kidnapping to Commit a Robbery (Felony, Penal Code 209(b)(1))

-Assault with a Deadly Weapon–Not a Firearm (Felony, Penal Code 245(a)(1))

-Second-degree Robbery (Felony, Penal Code 211)

-Carjacking (Felony, Penal Code 215(a))

-Unlawful Driving or Taking of a Vehicle (Felony, Penal Code10851(a))

-Kidnapping (Felony, Penal Code 207(a) (two counts))

-Child Endangerment (Felony, Penal Code 273(a)) (two counts))

-Endangering the Health of a Child (Misdemeanor, Penal Code 273(b)(two counts)).

Morazan was arraigned Wednesday afternoon in court.

Written By Casey Jacobs