SAN FRANCISCO—Shuttle company Chariot has been placing sandwich boards which are signs from the company all around San Francisco. What the company is doing is illegal, and according to the San Francisco Examiner, the boards placed by the company are not allowed notes the San Francisco Department of Public Works

“Chariot has no permits with us for A-Frames,” said Rachel Gordon, a spokesperson for the San Francisco Department of Public Works to the SF Examiner. A-Frames are the sandwich boards that Chariot uses. According to the SF Department of Public Works, Chariot has other sandwich boards located throughout the city of SF. The signs in question are used by Chariot to let riders know another shuttle will be coming.

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency has already contacted Chariot about the violations. Paul Rose, spokesperson for the SFMTA stated that, “We have received complaints from riders that Chariot has conflicted with their Muni zones and from residents who have seen their driveways blocked.”

“We sent a notice of violation” to Chariot, Rachel Gordon said, as corrective notices are sent before fines are issued.

Canyon News reached out to Chariot for comment, but did not hear back before print.

Chariot was created as the world’s first crowdfunded network of commuter routes. Rides can be requested by downloading the phone app. The vans ride through set out routes in San Francisco. A single ride can cost $3.