HOLLYWOOD—Some people love the new Adam Newman on “The Young and the Restless,” I have to admit I’m still not sold on the recast just yet. It’s REALLY tough to fill the shoes of Michael Munhey and Justin Hartley, who made the character nefarious, yet charming in ways that you never expected. With that being said, Adam’s return from the grave has totally shaken Genoa City to the core. He kidnapped Chloe after she shot and nearly killed him after learning about him surviving a near death experience yet again.

Adam is utilizing Kevin as leverage to do his dirty work. Kevin doesn’t have much of a choice because if he doesn’t follow Adam’s rules Chloe could find herself behind bars. There is one hiccup in all this madness: Chelsea Newman! Yes, Adam’s one great love and the mother to his son Connor, returned to GC last week to prevent Nick and Adam (two men she loved) from snapping one another’s throats. Adam was certain that Chelsea returned for him, but she made it crystal clear their love affair is over.

That is indeed a devastating blow for a guy like Adam, who doesn’t take the word ‘no’ kindly. Chelsea is married and to a guy named Calvin to say the least, so her past with Adam seems just as it sounds: her past. Calvin had a face-to-face chat with Adam, and let’s just say Adam is not happy that he is NOT in the presence of either of his children: Connor or Christian.

News about Chloe’s return from the dead spread, but not like a firestorm, only Esther and Billy learned about her existence, and Esther booked a ticket on the next flight to be with her daughter and granddaughter. I’m still wondering do we actually know who Bella’s father is on “Y&R?” Billy is a good one, he had been able to contain his emotions about Adam’s role in the death of his daughter, but this guy just keeps on pushing Billy’s emotions. I mean showing up at Delia’s gravesite? Billy was so livid he resorted to getting his hands on a gun, but he hasn’t made a move against his foe just yet.

Phyllis is in a power position, and is gloating to the world about her new position as CEO of Dark Horse, Nick’s baby. Yeah that has to be a vicious blow to Nick, who read Phyllis for filth recently about her recent transgressions. Speaking of Phyllis she learned that Kevin kidnapped her, but she has no reason why he’s doing Adam’s bidding. That was a mistake to let that Intel slip Adam because Phyllis will learn the truth. Nick and Chelsea look like they could be on the path of reconciliation, but the question we all want answered is: WHY?

Last, but not least, the matriarch of the Rosales family, Celeste has blown into town to help her daughter, Lola, plan her wedding to Kyle. No only if Celeste was aware that Lola and Kyle are already living together? I wonder what the writers have planned with this character. They have to give her something to do because right now she seems irrelevant. You bring a character to town to rev up a storyline and right now I don’t see how Celeste or the writers plan to make her a pivotal element of GC.