HOLLYWOOD—At long last, at long last, the house of cards have finally come tumbling down on Claire Brady on “Days of Our Lives.” Claire has been scheming for months and her transgressions finally caught up with her and not in the best way. I will admit after learning that Claire caused that first fire, it threw me for a loop; a twist I really did not see coming. Then it became apparent that Claire set a second fire at the cabin that nearly killed Ciara yet again.

Oh, it gets worse, because she torched another cabin in her quest to take down Haley and Tripp. She failed to get rid of the evidence. Ben confessed the truth to Ciara, who was baffled at first, but realized that her niece tried to kill her not once, but twice. When Claire saw Tripp and Ciara getting cozy, she flipped out, held a knife to Tripp’s throat, and held Ciara hostage AGAIN at a cabin. Ugh, this Ciara is the damsel in distress crap is exhausting and I’m over it.

Ben became her knight in shining armor, yet again, with Hope and Marlena taking care of Claire who is likely to need mental treatment because this woman is not well, not at all. While Sami and Lucas flew into town to be by Will’s side, they have since vacated, but another Brady has come home. That person is Carrie, who has set her sights on Rafe, a former flame.

What a coincidence that both have marriages that failed and shared a steamy kiss as a result. Must say, that slap fest between Sami and Nicole was a ton of fun. Kristen aka Nicole, is still causing trouble with Kate getting too close to the truth, she found herself locked way in the DiMera tunnels. Kate was not happy to see Ted, but it became clear to her that Kristen DiMera could very much be alive. A gift that Ted gave to Hope that she rejected came back to the forefront when Xander gave Sarah a really nice piece of jewelry. Hope immediately spotted that necklace and her blinders were immediately raised. She knows something is up with her potential flame.

Haley and JJ are finally getting their happy ending. Haley is not being deported, and as a result, the couple took their relationship to the next level and made love. All this chaos with Claire is about to come back to bite the Police Commissioner Eve Donovan. Her house of cards is about to coming tumbling down because when Hope, Ben and so much more of Salem learned that Eve allowed Claire to continue to crumble when she knew what she did. I’ve been waiting for this because this woman has been tossing her weight around town like she is this big power player. Hmm, just wait till the truth about you knowing about that journal that could have restored Jack’s memory comes to light people! I sense it will, but Eve will drop a bomb on Jack, one that indicates she is pregnant.

Who would have expected Gabi and Stefan to become an item, but with Chloe knowing that Brady and Gabi are scheming to take Stefan down changes everything. We already know Chloe is slated to leave Salem this summer, as well as Tripp and Rex. I think we have an idea how Tripp will vacate, but Chloe and Rex, that has yet to be revealed, hmm, I guess the truth about Sarah and Eric will come out and Rex and Chloe who have been getting closer lately will become an item. Summer is here, and we only have a few weeks left so we will indeed learn how it all plays out much sooner than later.