HOLLYWOOD—Are you ready for a summer of laughs? Well get ready because Todd Chrisley and the rest of his family is back for more hilarity for the third season of the hit reality series “Chrisley Knows Best.” I recall when I stumbled over the reality series about two years ago while channel surfing.

Who would have ever imagined that Todd would become the star of the series? Not only is he a character in himself, but he is a parent who has a no holds bars attitude when it comes to disciplining his children. He delivers an important lesson to parents: be parents not friends. In this third season, the series kicks off with Chase on the cusp of graduating from high school, just as Savannah becomes sassier as ever.

The premiere offered viewers with two episodes, the first highlighting a food fight in the kitchen and the family prepping around a magazine interview and photo shoot. Savannah wanted to convince her sister Lindsie to allow her to utilize her ID to hang out with friends. Wow, between Chase and Savannah, I’m not certain who is worse. These two are always up to something sneaky, its epic.

Todd was adamant that everyone follow the script that he prepared. That was beyond hilarious to say the least. Todd was already onto the ruse that Lindsie and Savannah were up to something bad. The eldest daughter had a change of her heart. The fact that she called her sister a b***h was absolute hilarity.

A garbage disposal problem only added to more chaos for the lovable clan. Chase was eagerly pleased to see his oldest sister get a grilling. It was hilarious to see Todd lose his marbles with things not going as planned. Between Jackson, Harvey and the script going off schedule, Todd completely lost it, but as always the episode wrapped with a happy moment with the family bonding. With the second episode, Todd stepped in to play the role of coach for Grayson’s baseball team. He was not happy to have his family doubt his ability to play the role of coach.

Julie got the opportunity to cater a party for her friend Lea, which Todd was not enthused about. Todd may have been the worse hitter in baseball history. Julie and Savannah was frantic when they returned home and realized that her meatballs and pound cake were eaten by Chase and his friends. Julie was livid, I had never seen her angry!

A trip to Costco turned into a nightmare for Julie, as Chase and Savannah focused their attention on things they wanted compared to what their mother needed. Todd was well aware that he was not winning the coach of the year award so he brought in someone to take over the job. Chase was mortified that he was forced to play the role of host and listen to opera singers. Todd being the little kid that he is, decided to alter Lea’s massive portrait, to unleash some laughs!

The thing that makes “Chrisley Knows Best” so much fun is the fact that with each episode you feel as if you’re watching your family on the small screen. The Chrisleys while well off, are more down-to-Earth than most people expect. You laugh, you laugh and then you laugh so more, all while learning about the importance of loving your family and being a good parent. “Chrisley Knows Best” airs on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on USA.