HOLLYWOOD—I am starting to learn more as I age, that laughter is like the best medicine for the soul. There are NOT many TV sitcoms that make me laugh, but when I find a good one I hold onto it like the best thing in the world. A series that has delivered bellyaches for me since it debuted back in 2014 is the USA reality series “Chrisley Knows Best.” I don’t know what it is about the series, but I literally have bellyaches, laugh out loud moments that I cannot contain.

I can watch this series with a family or solo, and the laughs are just as powerful people. For those not in the know, the series revolves around the Chrisley family led by patriarch Todd and his wife Julie. Hands down Todd is the star of this show. The guy holds no bars when it comes to speaking his mind, telling the truth, keeping his family in check and delivering the laughs nonstop America. His truth telling leaves me in stitches because Todd holds no bars when confronting his children, Savannah, Chase and Grayson about their antics. Some of those antics are hilarious, some cringe-worthy and some deliver some heart-warming moments at the same time.

To combat Todd’s level of perfection is his wife Julie who is the calm in the family. She has no problem trading spars and calling her husband out on his antics when they are outrageous; which is a vast majority of the time people. Then we move onto the kids, Chase, Savannah and Grayson. Grayson is the youngest and has a tongue that is just as witty as his father when it comes to trading barbs people. He can be manipulative and has no problem exposing his older brother and sister with their shenanigans to get what he wants.

Chase and Savannah get into so much trouble I don’t know where to begin. Chase is defiant of everything his father attempts to teach him, the same sentiment can be echoed for Savannah, but that is what makes this comedy such a hoot, what teenager or young adult hasn’t fought against their parents’ people. Rather it’s Chase sneaking out and going to a party he was told not to go to, or Savannah having her first date or dear ole dad planning a wedding that he had no idea was not going to transpire?

It all goes back to Todd in some fashion and he does his best to keep his family intact, all the while taking care of his mother, Nanny Faye. Faye is just as wicked as her son; her barbs sting more than Todd and if there is anyone who can go to battle with Todd Chrisley, its Faye. Faye might be old, but the woman comes up with a scheme or an opportunity to get rich more than anyone I can think of. There has been so many and I mean so many hilarious moments involving Faye that it is literally impossible for me to list them all. Just understand, this woman is a gem if you’re looking for genuine fun laughs people.

With that said, I know so many of you will argue that because it’s a reality show it does not comes across is genuine and that is something I never feel and I mean never feel watching this series. The banter just seems so honest, so blunt it feels authentic. Now could I be wrong? Absolutely, but until I am proven otherwise, I’m going to hold true to what I’m witnessing on the small screen is as honest as it can be (and even if it is not), it is so damn entertaining I could care less America.

If I need to laugh, if I really need to have laughter to lighten my day or my week this sitcom delivers on every single episode without a hiccup. New episodes of “Chrisley Knows Best” airs on Thursdays at 10 p.m. on USA. Get ready to have laughs that you will never forget and that your body will appreciate.

Written By LaDale Anderson