UNITED STATES—As much as I love Christmas, I honestly love the weeks right after Christmas a bit more. Why? The deals after the holidays are so grand, you wish you’d actually wait till AFTER the holidays to buy gifts and give to people. I mean, most of us are clamoring to get budgets in order, viewing those receipts and seeing what we can take back or barter a potential deal on.

For reasons I cannot fathom, I have several family members who have birthdays right after Christmas and sometimes they get the short-end of the stick because it’s after the holiday. The goal is to pay off debt not to make more of it America. As a result, I just happened to be at the mall picking up a gift for my dad and was in awe at the items on sale when it comes to cologne. Now, I’ve known this for years: cologne hardly ever goes on sale. It’s usually full-price all the time, but I’ve noticed in the past 2 years that has shifted quite a bit.

It seems the retail chains and the makers of such perfumes and colognes are aware that the consumer is not keen on spending $100 plus on fragrances that may not last that long. I mean those bottles are not large America, so you want to maximize the biggest bang for your buck. With that being said, I stumbled upon a ton and I mean a ton of men’s cologne that was at least 50 percent off if not more. This is unheard of and guess what, I’m not referring solely to a small bottle I’m talking about gift sets and name brands like Calvin Klein, Sean John, Lacoste, Burberry, Polo and many more for like $40 bucks and under. Bottles that were least 3.5 ounces or larger; that is a big bang for your buck.

On top of that most of the sets came with those nifty travel bags so many retailers attempt to utilize to get the consumer to purchase. I mean I could have easily spent $200 and had around 6 to 7 fragrances. Be advised if we’re looking at a typical day or week at the fragrance counter you would only get 1 maybe 2 fragrance sets at such a price. So we’re speaking major, major deals.

In addition, you hit the toy store, the toys are on clearance big time because the items are no longer hot button must haves, or the inventory is being cleared to usher in room for new items. The same applies for clothing, coats, wallets, purses, shoes, etc. Some of you might be saying what precisely are you getting at? Save some money if you can to purchase items that you might want for YOURSELF, or as upcoming birthday gifts, celebrations or dare I say it, Christmas gifts for the next year. You can stumble upon some deals that are honestly too good to be true, but they are actually true. With that being said, how can you turn down a $100 name brand shirt that you can get on clearance for only $10? That’s the point you can’t cause that is a savings of over 90 percent. That is a sale people.

Remember that “Up to…” that is commonly posted on the door of many stores is a way to lure you in; it can be deceptive. You want those signs that say “EVERYTHING 50% off or more.” Why, the wording is clear you know all the items will be at least that price or even more, which means you can buy more and save a ton more at the same time.