OAKLAND—A San Francisco Chronicle photographer was robbed at gunpoint during an assignment in Oakland on Friday, December 3. 

The photographer, who has not been identified, was approached by three suspects on the 1400 block of 15th Street at around 3:30 p.m. Suspects fled the scene after stealing two cameras. 

The photographer was not injured, but according to reports was shaken by the incident. In a statement, the SF Chronicle reported that they are determined to serve the community with news and will not allow this incident from hindering their mission. 

The robbery comes after a similar incident resulted in the death of a news security guard. The robbery took place in broad daylight while reporters were on duty. Kevin Nishita lost his life on November 27 after protecting reporters from the armed suspects. 

In the state of California, robbery of items less than $950 is classified as a misdemeanor. California has a “zero bail policy” in which people who have been arrested for theft are released back into the community as they await trial. 

There has been a trend of flash-mob style robberies throughout the city of San Francisco. The incident is still under investigation.