UNITED STATES—I did it. I did something that I had been talking about doing for months I finally took action and organized my closet. I know what many of you are thinking: how long did it take? It took around 2 hours. Why so long? I took all the clothing and junk inside my closet to carefully examine. I created three piles, donation, trash and keep. The most difficult was deciding what to keep and what not to keep.

I sometimes think as Americans we become too attached to materialistic items. This has nothing to do with the item itself, but the notion that we worked so hard to purchase the item. Can you just give it up so easily? For some of us, the answer is simple: no. There were pieces of clothing that I truly wanted to keep, but then I posed the question, “When was the last time that you wore that item?” That was the question that would change it all.

The realization became clear that I was simply keeping things to keep them, instead of parting ways with items that were no longer being used by me. I mean I think I have a unique style and anyone would be happy to have my clothing so why not give to those in need.

Once I got things moving it became much easier. Why? I could enter my closet with ease. I could chose clothing without having to shift things around or force things into my closet knowing that I don’t have the space. I could actually open my closet door and see everything clearly. However, it also brought another realization into play: I don’t need any additional clothing!

I have a lot of blue jeans, t-shirts, button ups; slacks, fleece, hoodies, jackets and coats, and I haven’t even discussed my shoe collection. With the closet done and over with, the next thing on my agenda is organizing my shoe collection. Let me be clear: I don’t have that many pairs, but it’s enough to create chaos. After I deal with that battle this coming weekend, the next challenge will be to organize my mail more. Keeping the important and shredding everything else that is just causing clutter and taking up space.

All it takes is getting organized with one thing to help assist with making changes in your overall life that will have a major impact on things. The one problem with mail is you think everything is important, but that is not the case. So you have to pick CLEARLY what is important and what is junk mail.

Written By Kelsey Thomas