UNITED STATES—What are you good at? There is something that all Americans are good at. For me it comes with my skill to write. I know it is something I’m good at and I have been good at it for a very long time people. When you’re good at something it does wonders for a person’s confidence. Yes that is right confidence. It is a big word, but it is one that matters people. Some people have all the confidence in the world, and then there are plenty of us who don’t have all the confidence in the world and it’s a slow build up over our lifetime.

With that said, it raises a question about skill: is it inherent or something you work at to be better at. I believe skill is sometimes inherent. I do believe it is something some people are just born with and the more they use or perform that skill the better they become at it. This is NOT to say that one cannot become skilled at something over a period of time because that is the power of learning. The more you do something that repeated exposure has an impact on your overall success rate people.

Neither of my parents are great writers. It might be harsh to say it, but it’s the truth, for me writing comes naturally and it has as long as I can remember dating back to a very early age. What does that mean? You could tell me to write on something and I would just start writing. I can easily take whatever is in my brain and place it on a piece of paper with ease. There are a lot of people who CANNOT do that at all. It is a major struggle for them to just put thoughts on paper or the computer screen. I have that gift or skill (whichever you prefer to call it) and place it on a blank sheet of paper or on the computer screen.

Having the skill of being a solid writer is a strong confidence builder for me. I may not be confident in other things, but my writing I am. As a result it helps me build on top of other skills that I may not be great at. So in essence having a strong skill set in one field can help you build upon your skills in other regions where you might be faltering a bit or where you’re not as strong.

Confidence is good for the soul; it’s good for the mind. When you’re good at something it does not necessarily mean you’re arrogant, it just means you give it your all and it is something that makes you proud to say the least. We all want to tout or pat ourselves on the back when we realize we excel at something that maybe others struggle with. If you’re good at something you can share that knowledge with others people; you get the opportunity to help someone who is NOT as confident in that field. You’re helping people America and that is a good thing about knowledge you get the opportunity to share it with others and it’s an opportunity to grow and perfect things as a result.

Think about it people because everyone is good at something, you have a skill or gift for something that perhaps everyone else doesn’t have. As a result that is a booster for you and at the same time it puts a smile on your face and that is vital to success. You cannot be great at everything, but there is always something that you excel at. Perhaps you’ve already figured it out, for others you’re still searching. Don’t give up because you will discover it.

Written By Jason Jones